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I am super proud of my language because:

-First, every noun has a gender which I thinks makes mental space to fight against steriotypes. If the word "person" is femenine and the word "boredom" is masculine, the word "chair" is femenine, the word "make-up" is masculine. It leds you to conceptualize a world in which some good things are femenine and bad things masculine. In english for the contrary the only things reffered as femenine are objects: like boats, agencies, cars or institutions. I find that terribly sexist.

-Second, when I learned english slang I became horrorized of the type of insults and slurs that english people have for women. The worse you can say in Spain is "bitch" there is not a worse insult to a woman than that. English on the other hand with shit like "cunt", "hole", "c*mbucket"... absolutely horryfing. If people are interested I could make a post about that.