Yes the Romance languages are TERFs... And so are Slavic languages, Greek, most Germanic languages ( with the notable exception of our dear English here of course ) and the Afro-Asiatic languages like Hebrew, Arabic, Aramaic and even the Ancient Egyptian language!

even the Ancient Egyptian language!

Would like to hear more about this please!

The Ancient Egyptian language also had grammatical gender much like Spanish does... Words were either masculine or feminine : https://www.egyptianhieroglyphs.net/egyptian-hieroglyphs/lesson-2/

The Ancient Egyptian language is distantly related to the Semitic languages like Hebrew, Arabic and Aramaic they are all part of the Afro-Asiatic language family which is the oldest recorded language family in the world due to all the Ancient Egyptian records : https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Afroasiatic_languages/

The Afro-Asiatic language family is even older than the famous " Indo-European " language family that the English and Spanish language belong to among many other famous languages like Greek, Russian, Sanskrit etc and much like how Latin, Greek, Russian and Sanskrit etc are distantly related to each other so is Hebrew, Aramaic and Arabic etc distantly related to Ancient Egyptian maybe not as " parent and children " in the way the Romance languages are Latin's " children " but more like how Latin and Greek are " siblings " that are both children of the Proto-Indo-European language...