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Danielle was arrested in 2020 for stalking and breaching a family violence order, which resulted in an 18-month good behaviour bond without a conviction or fine.

This guy has stalked, harassed, threatened and abused his ex, resulting in 2 of his kids not speaking to him. But now he has a new book about how he struggled with gender dysphoria (which is of course to blame for all bad behaviour) and is living as his fabulous true self. How inspiring!

This shit is what drives me nuts. Media shows more respect to the TiM aggressor by using feminine pronouns than they do for the actual victimized woman and her children. Also, as a lesbian, this pisses me off extra, because if you glance at a story or headline about people like this, it seems like lesbians are “just as bad” and violent as men. When it’s really just your classic tale of male violence.

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Everything about this photo is hilarious. If he didn't have that tiny horizontal seam in his dress, he wouldn't have any semblance of a waistline at all. The man is about as shapely as a panel of uncut drywall.

Seeing men like this legit (no joke) makes them look like a different species. Look at the size of this creature's head compared to hers. It's like someone shaved a yeti and put him in a white dress lmao.

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I have a similar pic of Ellen Degeneres with Nikki something or other and Ellen looks like his lunch.

Correction: It's not Nikki someone. I am looking for the pic online as I have no way of posting it myself.

Correction 2.0. It's Nikkie de Jager.


Wow, had no idea how humungous he was Ellen's not exactly teeny either, but he makes her look like a child

They can give themselves fake boobs but they just can't hide those hips