What I find absolutely hilarious is that these people don't realize that most of us used to blindly follow that ideology until we actually DID educate ourselves lmfao

"Educate yourself!" I did, and oops! I terfed.

exactly what happened to me too. i guess we didn't read the 'right' material...

It is exactly the same as the Christians who assume that atheists must never have heard the Good Word.

I was pretty neutral about the Abrahamic faiths, until I actually read their holy books. Now I actively detest them.

Seriously. I know very few radfems who weren't trans allies at one point or another.

AO3 is so cursed because now you can come across something tagged with "MLM author" "mpreg" "queer" etc and it's ALWAYS a female teenager with 13 sets of pronouns who ~discovered~ she was truly a gay male on the inside after reading copious amounts of gay fanfiction.

But yeah...just a man with a vagina, not a dirty unrespectable female 🤮

Same with F/F fics now. Every single fandom is infested with girldick and more and more disgusting fetishes like 'watersports' and age play very obviously written by men (sorry, uwu trans girls) are crowding out the normal authors. Not to mention they love turning the GNC characters into trans men.

I occasionally read fics with a ship of two canon bisexual women. When I'm scrolling through AO3 and I see those really gross futanari fics, I laugh because they never get any engagement or traction. For all the lip service famale TRAs be doing for TIMs, not even they can stomach that fetish.

Reminds me of when I found a mob psycho 100 fic where all the characters were trans and the author refused to elaborate why (she even said this in the tags) and so I commented saying "so are you sure you can't elaborate on why you made every character trans when it didnt really effect the story?" and she told me to fuck off 🤣

[–] XxWomanxX 13 points Edited

On a fanfiction site ? They really can’t help themselves. “EdUcAtE yOuRsElF” I did and now I’m here on Ovarit. This cult is lesbophobic, anti child safety and anti science.

Fuck YES to the queen who obliterated this asshole

I xtra appreciate the comments about not using the .000000000000001% of actual intersex ppl to further their agenda

Intersex ppl are not transgender nor do they consider themselves transgender. They quite literally have nothing to do with the conversation and I fucking guarantee they're over it

[–] hypatia tired of it all 23 points

Arguing in the Ao3 comments, lol

[–] iCONIC [OP] 38 points Edited

Ruffling the feathers of TRAs brings me joy!

The person who argued with the TRA is me, yes 🤫

Hell yeah, always awesome to see another out and proud GCer in fandom spaces like AO3.

I always want to ask these people to explain to me where babies come from.

Would love to know who this author is. As someone who reads fanfic it can be disheartening to read as alot of the authors are pro Trans/sex work.

[–] iCONIC [OP] 8 points Edited

There were no rules concerning the usernames of fanfiction authors and consumers

I played it safe and redacted the usernames (mine included)

If you'd like, I could send the link to the thread in DMs?

id love to see it too if possible! ao3 post-trans craze feels like some sort of hellscape.

May I also have the link? Always looking to find fellow GCers on AO3!

Would also love to get a link if possible-- 👀

It's nice to see some semblance of sanity, which seems scarce coming from AO3 lol