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What the hell even is a bio woman? Like, have you even seen a single biologist using that term

Lol... is this even a joke? Are they that stupid?

Dear Snukb: Because this is a difficult for you, 'cis' implies a bio woman who identifies with sexist female stereotypes... the 'pink barbie' on the mermaids trans scale, if you will. Bio woman simply are as they were born, no gender identification or sexist stereotypes needed.

Oh absolutely. I think they're doing a huge disservice to feminism as well as women everywhere, both cis and trans, and people of all sexes and genders.

Yes. Feminism, fighting for the rights of females in a patriarchal world, is totally about all sexes and genders. You totally understand feminism better than a radical feminist. eyebrow

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Also, to the person who thought we “can’t get away with” saying “real woman”, here you go: we are real women. Transwoman or trans women or t-r-a-n-s-w-o-m-e-n, or however you want to punctuate it, are not “real women”. I tend to avoid this phrase mostly because I think it is unnecessary nonsense: no woman is more or less of a real woman than any other, and the idea of being a “real woman” is usually tied up in horrible sexism. It is a trap for women.

Someone talking about “bio women” is trying to be kind. They are trying to talk about women while making it clear that the biology is actually important here, without making transwomen feel uncomfortably aware that they are not included in “women”. For ordinary, reasonable transwomen, this would no doubt work: as a strategy in the current climate, we should realise that there is no term we can use to refer to ourselves accurately that doesn’t set someone off accusing us of transphobia, although the reaction is still useful for ordinary people to observe.

afab is not an option, as very few of us have DSD. I don’t like appropriating other people’s specialist terms to inaccurately describe myself. And in any case, I’ve seen transwomen try to claim that one, too.

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That was my post from here and I do use bio women so as to not be purposefully offensive to trans women. Clearly, that doesn't matter. I had to stop reading that thread, as it was really upsetting, the hate and anger over something that isn't even offensive. TERF is a slur and a hate word. No one is able to prove it isn't.

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I agree with you, sans the 'ordinary, reasonable Tw' - they all rely on stereotypes to 'pass' and reinforce the sexist gender stereotype binary at the expense of biological women. Allowing the so called 'nigels' a foothold only opens the door to all of them.

Good TiMs do not exist.

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Is biological woman an "offensive" term now too? I can't even keep up. I remember reading that they don't like natal woman either.

Honestly I'd be okay with "cis" if it simply meant "not trans". It's the whole "your brain gender and body gender are the same :)" definition that bothers me because I don't really feel like I have a brain gender (and I don't see the value in identifying as non binary or agender or whatever they'd call it). It's like describing an atheist as "Someone who believes in the religion of atheism"

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Is biological woman an "offensive" term now too? I can't even keep up. I remember reading that they don't like natal woman either.

Yes, Quote:

Avoid the terms “biological gender,” “biological sex,” “biological woman,” “biological female,” “biological man,” or “biological male.” These terms are inaccurate and often offensive.

Click through to read more of the Trans Journalists Association's official Style Guide if you need a refresher course in the current GIT newspeak.

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I don't like 'cis' regardless, but yeah, it implies that everyone has a brain gender and that brain gender labels for woman and man coincide with sexist, cultural stereotypes about males and females.

I have no need for a brain gender, I don't feel a brain gender and I resent being labeled by the mentally ill or fetishistic .02% of the population.

I had the same thought comparing being gender critical to atheism. "Atheism is a religion like 'not collecting stamps' is a hobby' XD

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This is such an important point re “cis” but unfortunately this argument is too complicated for your average SJW...more easily understood is TWAW. I think the education breakdown affects both right and left and is responsible for our current situation.

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That user is a tif too. Her post history is pretty obsessed with us, sad AF.

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wait, am I reading this right? so she's an Iranian TIF Fujoshi? is she transitioning to become a gay man in Iran?!?11?!1!.... 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️

Edit to Clarify, not Snukb but Kamiab_G

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Total Fujoshi. She gets so much attention from gencyn cuz she's the one WoC they actually have in their midst of privileged, white males. I feel sorry for her actually. But she's made her bed and she choose to make the deranged males of gencyn her bedmates so ¯_(ツ)_/¯

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I am Iranian (American) as well, this is actually really sad to hear. She's going to get herself killed. :(

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Lol....so a woman who thinks she is a man in a woman's body has no idea what a biological woman is.

Hilarity all around.

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I actually want them to find out about us. Their tears will be delicious! ;)

Also, the Streisand effect would kick in hard. It'd help more people to find us again!

They did!


Like you, I'm also glad they found this place. Because now they just have to watch it happen, watch the site grow and grow and grow, while there are no traitorous admins like /u/redtaboo to complain to.

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Lol the terf tears meme is ironic, as they can’t even hear the word “vulva” without having an emotional breakdown.

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People that are still on Reddit, pretend to be against GC and complain about this site so more people find it! lmao

HAHA GOOD. Watch as the horrible radfems find our fellow women and girls and convert them. MWUHAHAHAHA!!

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You are killing it with these!!!

Also yeah, I noticed that today that the stalker sub finally posted stuff from here.

And, as usual, completely misrepresent and misinterpret everything.

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they can die mad because there’s no one to cry to stop us and without accounts they can’t do shit ;)

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Ahhhh the jannying is so easy when those privileged NEETs can't brigade telling us to "kys", can't gorepost, can't harass the lesbians here by asking them to suck their girldick, can't make a 100 alts to harass us, can't do shit except seethe. Fucking priceless 😂 How fucking peaceful it is when men aren't breathing down your neck and threatening to rape us.

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They can dox us. One user used the "Wayback" machine to post the original thread from here. It was my original post that they posted. Isn't this site a closed site? Didn't one of them have to get on here to do this?

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I mean you should always be smart about your personal information so they don’t doxx you. Be safe everyone :)

What do you mean closed? Anyone can view the posts. You don’t need an account to see posts / comments, but you do need one to upvote, downvote, post and comment.

I just meant they can’t like shut us down or complain to “management”.

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Ah, ok. I didn't know anyone can see posts. I thought you had to join to see them. And I am careful about my info but I don't have a career to ruin, so there's that.

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Man it would just about cause me physical pain whenever I ventured into their pit of willful ignorance.

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