A woman is someone who can't be a transwoman 😜

I unironically love this and have used it to cause a 'lightbulb moment' for one of my coworkers.

I love that radfem troll who made the "afab transwoman" account on Twitter or Insta

She argues with TRAs and threatens to report them for not affirming her LOL

Every time time a TRA huffs that "no one is denying biological sex!" I want them to then explain why gender identity should take precedence over biological sex in the eyes of the law.

And then 10 minutes later you see them posting about how biological sex is a "spectrum" and "much more complicated" than cishets could ever understand.

So complicated and yet can never be quantified or falsified.

Like, if you're claiming that there are other sexes, surely you could name one and describe it's reproduction pathway, right?

Still waiting on an actual answer for that one. Just vague handwaving and condescension so far.

"transwomen are women" BUT "women =/= transwomen" πŸ€”

But then they'll fall back on cis. Like we're a subcategory of our own sex class. πŸ™ƒ

I love rudefem’s post! It perfectly highlights the fact that everyone knows what male and female are and have no trouble sorting people into their biological categories. People slip all of the time, even when using approved newspeak, and reveal that they still know what sex is. One of many disturbing questions is why are people willing to deny basic reality like this?