If men would defend women like women defend men the world would be a much better place

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I’m so tired of the coddling of men of color because of racism. Women of color deal with racism as well as rape, murder, etc from those precious untouchable men of color. Please. Making it into a “white feminist talking point” to highlight male violence hurts women of color.

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Seriously, white liberal "feminists" shuffle their feet and ignore the insane amount of WOC being murdered by men of color every single day because they care more about not being seen as racist than helping woc. Don't even get me started on the Deification of Islam in western liberal spheres, like what the fuck.

It's really not surprising that so many WOC are becoming conservative, when men are being not only enabled but rewarded for victimizing women and children by democrats.

Seriously, white liberal "feminists" shuffle their feet and ignore the insane amount of WOC being murdered by men of color every single day because they care more about not being seen as racist than helping woc.

Sadly, we've over-corrected to the point where calling the police on a Black man beating his girlfriend is treated as no different than sending the lynch mob after Emmitt Till because he said "hello" to a White lady. We need to find the sensible middle ground

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men are dangerous to women and girls = men deserve abuse

That checks out, yep

Don't you know? It's abusive to make men feel bad for any reason, but especially for pointing out the things they do and the ways they harm others.

This is so true, and so unfortunate. They're like thieves who aren't sorry that they stole, but are VERY sorry that they got caught.

Not even sorry they got caught! Angry at you for pointing out that they stole something to begin with. You're the real criminal here.

For the safety of girls and women, you are all the beaters, the rapists and the murderers until proven otherwise. Simple as that. No male feelz over female reals, ever!

Also - the likes. Only male-pandering or outright misogynistic crap gets these crazy amounts of likes.

Why is that handmaiden post claiming that man-hating is part of "queer discourse" when its main complaint is "White Feminists"? Are all White Feminists queers now?

Also, modern "Queer Discourse" is textbook dick pandering. The idea that it favors women is laughable

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“White Feminism” was a useful term when it only applied to mostly white bourgeois liberals advocating for women to just assert themselves out of female oppression. Now it’s turned into a useless catch-all term for when white women are feminists.

As a non-white woman, I take her point that in the U.S., many Black men have been killed for consensual relationships with white women who were cheating on their husbands and then turned around and lied, but that’s not “White Feminism.”

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The older I get the less useful the concept of “white feminism” gets and the more it looks like a vector to defang the women’s movement

White men murdering black men and then turning around and trying to defend it by falsely claiming that they did it because their wives told them that they were raped is/was very common though..men have been weaponising so- called 'false allegations' to get themselves off the hook for a very long time..

Yep this right here. Was it WW crying rape, or WM saying they did as an excuse for their violence? Hm if only we had statistics about male violence and false rape accusations…

The whole "lying white woman" trope that's been around for over a hundred years has always served to benefit both white and black men. Not sure why this type of rhetoric is considered acceptable in feminist spaces..

A minor nitpick, maybe. But I hate terms like “unalive” or any baby talk that is common on Twitter. Just call it as it is— things like this shouldn’t be sugarcoated and seems more offensive said in this way.

It's because big social media platforms censor content that includes certain words/phrases like suicide, kill, murder etc.

It’s the filter that social media platforms have. They don’t want to moderate and actually do anything they like their computer systems to do it for them

"unalived for WW"

I read this as, "awoke the zombies for the World War." Will feminists be responsible for WWW3?

What gets people "unalived" (ugh) is trusting walking, talking Y chromos.

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