‘Learned helplessness’ is a very common response to trauma like ongoing domestic abuse. So women know all about it.

Men like this are such a joke.

It's fucking depressing how many men think we're happier on our knees like we're fucking dogs.

Wow. Yes. "You are so loved" is such an empty platitude thrown at women so many times, as if female depression is a simple "case of the sads" that can be easily cured with a little bit of empty affection. I'm not depressed because of a lack of hugs in my life. I'm depressed because I'm surrounded by lazy, smelly, selfish, rude men who think they can treat me like their personal mommy. Whether or not they "love me" is beside the point, because what does love even mean if you can't treat someone like a human being? Yes, I need love. I also need a job that actually pays me, doctors who actually treat my ailments, roommates who don't expect me to cook and clean for them, medications that don't make me sick because they were never tested on women, pants that are reasonably priced, have pockets, cover my ass/don't have a waist that comes up to my armpits and strangles me, and don't fall apart in 2 months.

I'm so sick of the "cheer up, little lady" approach to female depression, as if women don't have real reasons to be deeply depressed.

Reminds me of something Patricia Hill Collins said. Well, she's quoting an old lady she knew. But she said white women were like house dogs, just because they were treated better than enslaved men and women, doesn't mean they were treated like humans etiher.

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The dude is talking out of his ass there is no psychological treatment for “female depression” where the therapist / psychiatrist tries to make the patient “feel loved.”

I wonder if he’s subconsciously confused the women in his life who are trying to be patient and kind with him, with healthcare providers.

Or maybe his therapist tried to encourage him to count his blessings and he threw a tantrum?

Why would anybody need to feel powerful vs feeling loved....???? Why would psychiatrists want to teach somebody to feel above others

They act as if a woman cannot have love AND power over her life. As if she had to choose one or the other

and he’s not even talking about empowerment, he truly means power and we all know to a man that equates to power OVER someone/something…ie superiority. Fuck him. He can settle for the hollow back pats he despises. 🙃

I swear to gawd men are so two dimensional!

“Give me power!” Do fuck off

no, not two dimensional. one dimensional. the most uninteresting creatures on earth.

Wow. A true idiot. There's nothing worse than a man who dabbles in psychiatry....as a professional or amateur. They can gaslight and misdirect for miles.

So he thinks depression is a completely learned behavior and has no genetic or chemical component to it? That's a real slap in the face to anyone who suffers from it and the entire medical community who have spent years studying it. Not all forms of depression are situational. He's pretty much denying it's an illness. Not to mention he's complaining about people trying to show men love?? What about all the men online that bitch about not being able to share their feelings, not getting compliments and not getting flowers. Do men want love or don't they?

oh sure they want love, compliments and flowers. they only want it from women though, and they want our submission too. they get the sads if women aren't loving little doormats.

Well, they can keep dreaming because they're not going to get it.

I saw this last night and thought maybe I was tired. But I still have no fucking clue what this guy is talking about. How is female depression treated differently to male depression? Is female depression not often to do with learned helplessness as well? Also, does no one read anymore? What is it women want, according to Dame Ragnell? We want sovereignty over our lives, ie power. Just as true now as in the 14th C.

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