I wish more men died alone, tbh. A fuck ton of them are not suitable to be around other people.

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I wish more men died alone

Men are emotionally stunted, porn sick and misogynistic. Women don't owe men their time and energy

Me too. Only about 1 in 1000 men should ever be near a woman in my very generous estimate.

Its so sad and disgusting that China and India only started doing something about the female infanticide problem when they realized, "OH SHIT! We now have a ton of frustrated, angry incels to deal with because we let the gender ratio get all fucked up!!".

I would say "leave them to die alone" if they weren't channeling that anger by kidnapping women from poor villages and neighboring countries to be their ""wives"".

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any other ladies here beginning to get a exhausted of this? I find myself with only one reaction left when I have to hear drivel like this & it's to raise my hands to the sky in supplication while screeching WON'T SOMEONE THINK OF THE MEN?

edited to add- I read this post and actually screamed this at my phone. now my dog doesn't want to share the loveseat with me.

any other ladies here beginning to get a exhausted of this?

Yes, very much so. My brain pretty much just goes "FUCK OFF, Scrote!"

I hate how women's oppression has to be explained until women are blue in the face. At what point do we stop exerting our energy?

Unfortunately there's some practical truth to this that greatly affects women. In any society where the male population outgrows the female population (and especially if economic prospects are poor), the males will eventually become very volatile and violent, often starting revolutions and wars, and causing general chaos throughout the society.

Yeah but when society provides them a woman, they end up exerting that violence on her instead of society. Which is "good" for these countries because now it's not out on the street and affecting the people who matter - men.

I've seen men talking about this issue too. Like, even they seem to recognize how out of control men are when they don't have their servant women in their lives to keep them in line. It's disgusting.

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What if most boys and men were aborted and imprisoned? The world would be a better place for girls and women

I think that men who are prone to act like that will do it anyways, also when they have a partner, just that the violence will then happen inside the home instead of outside of it. So the bottom line is that no matter what the only real fix is rights for women.

Exactly. I couldn't articulate what I wanted to say and you did so perfectly

If only there was a new religion that led men to live secluded in some type of monastery, herding alpacas.

poor alpacas :( maybe doing something with inanimate objects instead

The only reason why I dont want to have a girl is because I dont want her life to be miserable... (like mine was). I can't always be there to protect her.