Show had some great TERFy moments, the episode about guns is a good one

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Better quality clip here.

Also, another scene that made me laugh

Wow. Those 2 clips are literally the trans movement in a nutshell

I loved this show. Super based (which nearly all recovering alcoholics I know are re. Gender as it’s key that one is honest with oneself in order to get sober).

I remember that I loved that show, but I have such a terrible memory that I completely forgot some of the specific plot points. Good to see!

I rewatched the show a year or two ago and loved this clip as well

Just been watching that episode too! Love the 2-in-1 takedown of the sex work industry and animal captivity. So many based moments in this show.

Great show for the first few seasons. Towards the end it became less interesting and too preachy.

Oh, I thought it was really good. Especially the penultimate episode.

Could you give some examples of what was too preachy? It's been a while since I've seen the whole show.

Bojack’s sister growing up in a polyamorous household. Todd being asexual. Diane gaining weight (I’m struggling with weight management myself, but it still felt like something that was added to virtue-signal).

Oh, I thought the 8 dads thing was pretty funny. But I don't have a firm opinion on polyamory in the first place, so that's probably why it didn't bother me.

Why is it bad that Todd was asexual? Or Diane having side-effects from her anti-depressants? Diane was afraid to go on anti-depressant in part because she was afraid of gaining weight. I liked that her fear happened and that she was still okay.

Shame. I'm half way through but heard it gets weak from here on out