Whoever runs that account is a legend! This post makes me suspect at least one woman is at the helm.

There's a terven social media manager at Wendy's and I LOVE HER!

I'm legit shocked, I had to check for sure if it was real. It feels like most people aren't aware that Reddit is that bad, but maybe people are more aware than I think.

[–] boudica 52 points Edited

Oh wow, lmao I love it. To be fair, that's been a standard Reddit burn since Reddit began, but it's a spicy take for anyone who's been paying attention to news on Reddit, feminism, and "safe spaces" recently. C'mon, Wendy, leave the burger business and join the terven.

Normally I'd be all "silence brand", but I'll give them this one lol

[–] Ave_Lucifuge 29 points Edited

I went to the front page and worked backwards to see if this was mentioned anywhere, and instead saw posts from rancid places called r/breedingmaterial and r/college**** instead.

Seriously, fuck Reddit. Miss Wendy should have told them where to stick it.

Edit: forgot about the slur rule.

I read that earlier, I was surprised to see it and I laughed my ass off.

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