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No "transman" has ever been denied an abortion because of her status as trans. Trans people have nothing important or unique to say on abortion.

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They get traumatized because medical professionals can't flip a switch in their brains and stop using women centerd language, or memorize a TIFs made up names for reproductive organs. A TIF might have to hear the words "your uterus" or "your cervix" and crumble into a heap of dysphoria.

Erm, was the creator of that graphic trying to turn people off of the trans movement? It's pretty gross, and I've never seen a similar graphic used for women's rights.

It's such a perfect illustration of how the transcult is about violating women.

If we stopped using the word "trans", "transman", "transwoman", "nonbinary", etc then it becomes very clear that their "movement" has nothing important or unique to add on abortion. We need to start saying "women who pretend to be men" and "men who pretend to be women".

Yes, even “trans identified male” and “trans identified female” imply there’s something to identify as, that “trans” is a real condition. It isn’t.

A lot of the things we can identify as, even some things that hold legal status, aren't real in any material sense.

I would explain, but someone would get pissed off, because some of the things that aren't real are so culturally important, and people will tend to confuse the identity with the people who hold the identity. I'm not trying to say people are not real. But the labels we plaster on ourselves... those so often aren't real. They're thought constructs we invent to help us make sense of the world, and that's all.

Oh, I get that, it’s not the comparable cultural identifications I’m referring to, but the idea that there is any medical or physical condition as being the other sex, or no sex. It’s not one those unfalsifiable religious beliefs, or membership of a faith - it’s a demonstrable lie about physical reality.

I have only ever heard TiFs complain about getting misgendered at their doctor’s office, or that people generally use female-centric language to talk about, well, female reproductive systems. Sorry “king”, but you’re the one who tried to opt out of being female. Stop colonizing the lowly “cis” women’s existence.

As for TiMs, I’ve only ever heard them whine that the overturn of Roe stole the spotlight from them; or tee-hee about how much they want to be a dumb sl!t who flippantly gets an abortion.


Article is from 2022 May 6 but paywalled so here's the archive. I'll try to summarize it:

The women with special manly identities whine that they feel left out. The article mentions women about 2 times, all the other times it's "people who can get pregnant". They also mention how hard it is to seek abortion as a woman with a special manly identity/hormonally altered body and that many pregnancies occur because TIFs aren't aware testosterone doesn't automatically make them infertile. But mostly the article is the usual false equivalence that abortion and trans body modifications are the same. One of their favourite tool "watch out cis women, you better support pumping kids full of wrong-sex hormones or else you'll lose your reproductive rights!"

When he learned about one of the proposals to ban hormone therapy for minors, he said he thought, “We are first, and then everyone is going to fall in line. Next is Roe v. Wade and Obergefell.”

Edit: The TIF in a lesbian relationship with another TIF whose main contribution to the conversation is that not getting their purely cosmetic body modifications is going to kill people is peak narcissism.

On Tuesday, Alex Petrovnia, 25, took to Twitter to express his frustration. “It is so bitter to be excluded from conversations about reproductive care as a trans man, especially as we have been raising the alarms for this very eventuality for years,” he wrote.

About a year ago, Petrovnia founded the Trans Formations Project, an organization that provides information about anti-trans legislation and helps individuals identify which state representatives to contact. “For trans people, the crisis has been ongoing,” Petrovnia said in an interview.

Access to reproductive health care is a matter very close to Petrovnia, he said: He and his husband, who is also a trans man, have been trying to get hysterectomies for the past two years. With an impending move to St. Louis, Petrovnia feels it’s crucial that they get them now.

“This is going to kill people. This is going to kill trans people,” he said of the possibility of Roe getting overturned. “Not only through people having to carry pregnancies that they don’t want — but many, many trans people get their [hormone therapy] and get other essential medical care through facilities that are going to be shut down.”

Not only through people having to carry pregnancies that they don’t want — but many, many trans people get their [hormone therapy] and get other essential medical care through facilities that are going to be shut down.

'Oh no, the host we parasitized might die! We might have to go elsewhere for the same validation services when women lose access to actual life-saving services. Trans most affected.'

WaPo at its finest.

PP hitching their wagon to the money makin’ transcare train was a bad call on their part. They really should have stayed in their lane- reproductive healthcare/BC/STDs- not makin’ bank on supplying hormones to vulnerable and confused kids.

Was there an article that stopped centering them for a paragraph to mention how maybe, just maybe, this development has some impacts that are limited to the female sex that aren't whether we believe we have more of a pink or a blue inner essence? Must have missed it.

FFS, I've seen more whining about how abortion affects trans (which it doesn't beyond those who are female...due to being female) and how we weren't paying enough attention to them than I've seen mainstream media using the damn word "women" at all in the aftermath of the Roe decision.

The only trans ppl this effects are trans identifying females. What're they even talking about

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If TiFs id as male, why can't they man up and stop complaining that not everything is about them?

I am absolutely convinced that they are doing everything they possibly can to fuck with us now..

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