Reminds me of how some people think it's clever to say shit like "how do you know you're a woman, have you had your chromosomes checked?!?". No, I haven't. But I have menstruated for the past few decades, which is pretty definitive proof that at minimum I don't have any Y chromosomes. And that's true for literally every girl and woman who has ever menstruated, including the ones with intersex conditions! A little harder to be certain with men, but if you've ever fathered a child, congratulations, you are definitively male. The majority of people on this planet can be proven to be either male or female by just asking them if they've had one of those two experiences, no chromosome test required.

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How do you know you have brown hair? Have you had it examined by a spectrophotometer? (yes I had to google that) If not then you can't say anything for sure!

How do you know you breathe oxygen? Have you had scientific tests done on yourself to prove that it's oxygen you're breating and not nitrogen?

It's so dumb, and so desperate.

I spent two days fixing the color of my hair for my passport, it went from light auburn when I was a child to legally black and then it came back to brown. So once I had to redo the documentation because it stated brown, and the authorities wanted it to say black, next passport I put black and they say no look it's brown. Because color comes in an spectrum of colors but sex is binary.

Not only have I menstruated, I've gotten pregnant and given birth twice. And did not have medical assistance of any sort to make either pregnancy happen, which means they came from my own ova, and since I'm making ova, HELLO, I'M FEMALE.

  1. Everyone who makes ova is a woman or teen girl.
  2. Not all women or teen girls make ova.
  3. No men make ova.

Dana makes ova, therefore Dana is... a woman.

No, I haven't. But I have menstruated for the past few decades, which is pretty definitive proof

Exactly. Had I never menstruated, I would start to worry, but since I'm having periods since my puberty I don't have doubts that I have XX chromosomes.

This is how those XY female presenting people discover they are not, in fact, female. They start puberty, develope breasts and all, but don't mestruate. After some check ups they discover that they don't have a uterus at all, and that their chromosomes have an Y.

Anyone who menstruates, used to, or will is female. Period.

Anyone who has or who has ever had a dick is a male. It's not as mysterious as they try to make it out to be.

I always want to say that I don’t know I have two kidneys. That’s never been checked. But since I’m a human and humans and humans have 2, it’s a safe assumption that I do.

It isn’t wrong to say humans have two kidneys just because some people don’t have 2 of them.

It's like the side of your heart it happens that it can be on ther other side, but it's an anomaly, ot people with 1 arm only.

BUT, but, Terry is MENstruationg, not womenstruating 😠

I just love how how esoteric, self-contradictory gender theology is “basic biology” in gender goblins’ minds.

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hmmmmm "Girl/" got dropped off there 🤔

I say "bloody" and i'm sticking to my story.