I think ovarit is the closest thing we have to that right now

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It is interesting to me how different the vibe is on here from other online forums. It feels like a huge weight lifted. We can complain about men without having to add some sort of caveat like "cis men" or "I know men can be victims of abuse too" blahblah. We can celebrate our achievements without having to worry that we'll be nitpicked or criticized or scrutinized. The complete lack of having to look at other women being objectified (as a sort of "this is what you should do be to be successful"), unlike literally every other online platform (from Instagram to FB to Twitch to TikTok to Reddit) which constantly prioritizes having a constant stream of women being sexualized on display like objects.

Kinda makes me sad, like we live in modern society, not an all woman commune in the desert. Imagine what society would be like in general if it wasn't for men and patriarchy lol.

The other thing I like about this place is that its very civil. Even the worst people here are just rude and not crazy hostile like the men and handmaidens of places like reddit or Tumblr

I feel like some of that is that we have some older women on here with sense and maturity. I know on other sites I can really get out of pocket but over here you’re not trying to say something that would be frowned upon. I think this site has improved my overall netiquette.

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One of the great attractors to this site is that. People can disagree here and it's fine. Just you know... how it should be.

Theres lolcow dot farm but I sorta equate them to 'girlchan', lol. Some of the threads are great. Some of the girls get too hateful imo and idk if it is a way to vent or serious. But they are sorta like a kf type place too- the biggest draw is gossiping on lolcows. But there are a lot of other boards too.

ngl that forum is my guilty pleasure. Sometimes you just wanna gossip lol

As of September, Ovarit had 7,599 users. I love Ovarit, but ... that's pretty small. (And in my opinion that's a good thing. Every good thing online seems to degrade when it scales up.)

Ovarit has honestly made me realize how much anxiety I have about starting discussions or even giving mild commentary on social media sites like reddit, Twitter, youtube to the point where I mostly don't post on them and if I post stuff that gets traction (especially if it's about sexism) I don't read replies because I know they're going to be toxic.

Same here! :/ I do not get the same anxiety here and on ThePinkPill that I do on Reddit and other male infested websites!

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d o n a t e

t o

O v a r i t

PSA: You can donate anonymously by using a prepaid visa gift card. I see this come up during donation discussions and since no one has mentioned it yet I wanted to put that out there for anyone who doesn't know yet

It's crazy how actively involved all men are in destroying female solidarity.

I wish more women would wake up and realise how much men hate us, and how much better our lives would be without them.

Ovarit is a great example. Compare it to the predditor site. When you have a group of angry women here, you get great memes, and insightful commentary. Angry men over there on the other hand... 😬

People are easier to manipulate when you get them alone and unsure of themselves. Men work together to do this because they benefit the most from it.

I wish more women would wake up and realise how much men hate us, and how much better our lives would be without them.

It needs some time, it's not an easy process. It took me a while to get to this point too, I have to admit. But there seem to be more and more women that have had enough, so I'm cautiously optimistic.

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So, basically, a room of our own? (or perhaps a salon of our own, in the XVIII century parisian sorta way)

/: yeah...
Been just about 100 years of Girls who cried Woolf, by now. Same old song.

I don’t know how we can get the average woman to participate in this. Most have too many actual responsibilities to have any free time, and those who do have free time mostly avoid things like this like the plague.

As already mentioned in the screenshot, plenty of women find the time to participate in male dominated spheres, so I doubt that would be one of the biggest hurdles to be honest.

To get these women with enough free time to invest that time into something female-dominated, I think a good place to start would be something of more general interest. Ovarit is too niche (sometimes even too niche for some of the women that already do have accounts it seems, but that's another discussion); so for a social media platform the idea behind it would need to be something that speaks to more women.

And I do think there would be plenty of interest in something like that. Lots of women on Reddit actually hate Reddit, but stick around because Reddit is currently just about the easiest way to find like-minded women.

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For that we need our own economy, from the ground up.

This situation of a lack of a real public sphere for women is not by chance, it's by choice. Men wield their economic influence to crush women who try to build things for women and then they create mimicry that supplants real women's organizations with their own. Women's magazines are owned by men, on purpose. Women's health organizations are owned by men, on purpose. Women's fashion companies are owned by men, on purpose. Women's religious orders are owned by men, on purpose. And so on the list goes. In rare circumstances, female leaders are left alone - not by accident, but because they have voluntarily accepted or internalized male interests.

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And what spaces are carved out are niche or exploitative.

I live in a rural area and most womens spaces include: upper class women in business groups so my poor ass is excluded, mommy groups (with varying degrees of “crunchy”), and MLM groups (literally groups of women here who all sell garbage to each other).

I’ve tried to be more active in arts groups (which are mostly but not all women) but I’m either not welcome because of my lack of expensive art school or we (the excluded “poor” artists) struggle to get together because everyone has jobs and family care.

I oft thought about this. Pinterest used to feel like this a little bit, but it doesn't have any proper social media features. Plus it's ruined now anyway. Tumblr used to be fun in the super early days before it became coomer central and then TRA central.

Tumblr is a bit of an acquired taste but radblr is still fun. Mostly. Aside from Ovarit it's the only social media platform I spend any significant time on.

radblr has so many great posts, I've been debating whether to start a blog for a while now haha.

I think the coomer crowd are probably mostly gone from tumblr by now due to the porn ban but yeah it is FULL of TRAs! Why do you think Pinterest has been ruined by the way?

Yeah the TRA nonsense on tumblr seems to have exponentially increased the past few years, fandom spaces are infested with their rhetoric :/.

Actually I do still like the idea of Pinterest! But their push to 'tiktokify' the app, randomly ban people, change their algorithm etc... all have pushed me away from the platform.

I don't think most women (and men) can even imagine a female dominated culture.

But this would be branded as offensive and hurtful and exclusionary of certain groups so it's hateful. A good way to shut down our attempts to gather and share knowledge to better our own livelihoods.

Men exclude women through harassment, including all the pornography as well as the targeted invective and attacks. Women go under-cover to avoid harassment or avoid sites because of it. Meanwhile men and women try to shame us for doing something chill for women instead.

I am not criticizing the idea, I am all for it. I am saying this is what they would say to us to try and sabotage our attempts at gathering together as women. If that makes sense.

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