This whole thing brings up two thoughts from my own time playing volleyball (both recreationally and competitively).

I can remember having to constantly remind grown ass men in after church co-ed games over and over and over again about not spiking the ball at 10 year old kids. Dudes don't care who they hurt.

But mostly I watch that video of this boy hurting the girl. I was the hardest spiker on my team in school. I never even came close to injuring another player. Mostly because I was trying to hit the ball where they weren't. In the video of this incident there's plenty of empty floor where he could have aimed that spike, but it looks like it was aimed straight at the girl he hurt. And part of me can't help wondering if it was entirely intentional.

Can you link to the video, please? Or at least tell where to find it. Thanks.

Problem is, everyone's pretending it's not a co-ed team and he's not a boy

In my middle and high school, most of the girls always it when coed volleyball came around. There were always one or two doofuses who would push into their female teammates' zones, no matter how loudly we shouted "got it," and then hitting it back to the other side instead of setting it up.

What I'm not getting is why the co-ed aspect would be the problem and not simply the way men play (or the way this particular trans-identified man played). Does it not hurt as much if a man spikes the ball directly in another man's face?

I talked about exactly this in another thread:


Two possible reasons, maybe both: (1) girls and women's reflexive muscles are not as quick as boys and men to strike and return the ball, (2) the deadly spike, and other injuries by TIMs on female teams, are intentional hate to take revenge on girls and women. If they were really playing a game as in a men vs. men game or a co-ed game, they would know what force to use for whom. This is hate and intentional violence with a free pass. It's revenge against biological girls and taking their anger out on them for biologically being something they cannot be. It's punishment to the girls for existing.

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Does it not hurt as much if a man spikes the ball directly in another man's face?

The core issue here isn't how much pain the person on the receiving end feels in the moment, though. The core issue is a the very different nature and extent of the physical injuries players can get from the same exact blow based on their sex.

If a guy spikes a ball into the face of another man or adolescent boy, it's far less likely to result in concussion, TBI, a facial fracture, whiplash and other series neck injuries, broken teeth, a split lip, etc than when that same guy spikes a ball in the face of a woman or girl in the same exact way with the same amount of force.

That was my question. I wasn't asking specifically about pain, though I hear now how it sounded.

Can't say it won't hurt a much but it's significantly less likely to result in a skull fracture.

Did this TIM fracture her skull? Because if so this is at least the second time a TIM has done that, fallon fox also damaged a woman’s skull

Image transcription

(YouTube comments on high school girl who was severely injured in volleyball by TiM):


I played volleyball in elementary and middle school. We still had co-ed teams in those age brackets, but there were strict rules about how many boys a team could have on the court at one time and which position they could take relative to one another. These measures were in place to prevent stuff like this from happening.

That girl will be lucky if she doesn't have permanent neck problems for the rest of her life.