Her books and her story guided me in my darkest time when I was living in a domestic abuse situation, now that I am safe she is still teaching me lessons. JK Rowling is more than my inspiration. I wish she knew what she means to me.

This is fantastic! I hope the artist has sent it to her.

Yes, I’d love to know the name of the artist. I see that part of the image was cut off by looking at the bottom right... Looks like it had the name.

I make art like this. It isn't mine but it's interesting to see there's someone out there making art in the same style. I did a double take because it looks so much like my own. I really wish the image wasn't cropped so we could see the name of the artist.

Beautiful. Glad to see a watermark on this, even if it is unfortunately cropped. Proud to stand with JKR.

I love this so much. Beautiful art. Really captures her likeness. I love the style.

Does anyone have any guess what’s in the bottle around her neck?

Veritaserum, maybe? As in: she's committed to speaking the truth.

Yes, good call. I was thinking Felix Felicis but Veritaserum fits better. Plus I realized while typing it out that Felicis includes cis. 🤣

It is definitely not Felix because Felix is gold-colored. Veritaserum is clear, and typically artists like this will depict clear liquid as slightly blue. So that's probably it.

I like your idea though. It would be very wholesome to depict her with a potion bringing her good luck.

On the other hand, as a HP fan that doesn't look like the right colour for Felix Felicis 🤓