The number of times I have had to explain to adult men why the rule that they should never hit girls or women was imprinted into them from young age, is because boys grow into men and men can KILL US , with their bare hands. One of my male "friends" still insisted that this was unfair. I can't anymore with men. I am done.

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A) Men can stop declaring wars any day now. I'll wait.

B) Biology granted men a natural power disparity. Removing the social mores that discourage them from using it is not an act of equality. Get real, men.

And what's funny is that they still hit back anyway so their question is redundant. They just want permission for it be seen as ok to hit women.

Yup, that's right. They want to be able to strike a woman in revenge as hard as they want without being considered ragey psychos.

This is what gets me. It's not enough for men to be able to freely abuse us whenever the fuck they feel like it, it's not enough for them to have all the social and institutional power on their side-- we all have to love them for it and lavish then with praise and reassure them that they're in the right.

I think there's an Adrienne Rich poem where a woman asks a man "You already have everything else. Why do you want our pity too?" Yeah, that.

When I tell some guys I'm a domestic violence counselor they call it a "feminist" job

That's where the bar is for them

Yes, equality means a woman's ability to take their punches.

The other two MRA talking points; "wOmEN gET tO voTe wIThoT eVen HAvinG To sIGn Up fOR sEleCtIvE SeRviCE" and

"wHy is mALe gEnITal mUtILaTioN leGaL bUt FeMaLe gEnitAL mUtILaTiOn iLLeGaL?"

As if male circumcision and female genital mutilation are on a par, and as if any of these scrotes have actually been drafted.

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Also, we're not the ones who instituted the draft or circumcision, men did. They have the power to change both of those things if they want to. The fact that they never talk about it except to get us to shut up and stay in our place indicates that they don't actually care about those issues. It's the same as "well, men get raped too!" Great, so go ahead and do something about it! It's not like feminists are pro-raping men.

Also, when they speak of men being raped, they mean by women. They don't seem to want to talk about man-on-man rape, for some reason. Even though going to prison is the number one risk factor for a man to be raped at all. And since even now most men who go to prison go to men's prison, three guesses who's doing the raping and the first two don't count. What do these guys do? Joke about not dropping the soap. Idiots.

I've actually had this argument thrown at me when I am talking about men (fake women) in women's prisons. Men get raped in prison so why not women too? Damn, they're filth.

They 100% do not care about male sexual assault victims. Remember how men rallied around Johnny Depp, but didn’t give a fuck about Kevin Spacey’s victims or Terry Crews?

Yeah the vast majority of male rapes are perpetrated by men. If we were so dangerous to males, then TIMs would need to be kept out of our locker rooms and prisons for their own safety! I think the fact that both TIMs and TIFs prefer to stay with women tells you that everyone understands we're the much less violent sex. If you put one TIM in a room with 100 women, no one is worried for the TIM's safety, they're worried for the women.

Seriously, why do they complain to women about those things? As if women were the ones responsible for setting up the draft, male circumcision, or the "Men commit suicide more often" things they whine about so hard so hard (but only to any woman they suspect of wanting rights)

Male genital mutilation should be illegal.

Is it women pushing for male genital mutilation?

Sadly yes. Women and men both push for it. I really think it needs to be banned on a federal level.

Several times, I have had men say to me "If a woman ever hit me, I would hi t her back" completely out of any context. Not in a personally threatening way, in conversation. It is the deep satisfaction I hear in their voices that is scary. It's not aimed ay me, personally, but I hear so much excitement in their voices about it. I do not understand why they hate women so much.

It kind of is aimed at you, though. It's aimed at me as well, at all of us.

Know. It's a threat to any woman who hears it. So, yeah, I just meant it was in a situation that wasn't an immediate threat or technically aimed at me. But yes, it's all about keeping us down.

That happened to me a couple of weeks ago! And he asked me if I thought it was okay for women to hit men.

Last time I checked it was still illegal for a man to hit another man. And it's also illegal for women to hit men, but most women won't get hit with a felony battery charge-- the way a man can-- because that's based on the amount of damage you do to the other person.