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I do wonder what it is with all those terfy dogs. Or rather, with all those misandrist dogs. It is clear that dogs would be able to tell women and men apart by smell.

But men must be abusing dogs about as much as women for so many dogs to hate them.

Grim. I guess part of me still thought men would treat "man's best friend" a bit better than they treat women.

Side tangent but this right fucking here is what pisses me off when people start saying men treat women badly purely because we’re more physically vulnerable. If that were the reason then animal abuse rates would be equal and child abuse rates would significantly be higher among women since we’re the only ones who spend significant amounts of time with kids. But NO. Nothing natural about it. The problem is males making evil decisions, consciously, for hundreds of years.

Cats, too. My younger cat will say hello to female visitors. The rare occasion we have a male one, she’s under the bed.

My cats are very cautious of men. One was horrifically abused by one (the shelter told me that the owners boyfriend broke several of his bones and fucking stabbed/slashed him) and the other also comes from a shelter, but I don't know his backstory. If a man comes into my house, they run and hide.

When they meet a new woman though, they're over the moon and generally surround their new best friend (looking for treats and/or additional attention).

What kind of monster could hurt/abuse a defenceless animal :( your poor little cat! I think animal abuse is amongst the most evil thing a human can do.

I wonder when we will hear the first complaints of TIMs that misandrist animals don't respect their gender identity ...

When the first TIM gets mauled by a misandrist dog males were explicitly warned to stay away from, and demands that the dog be put down, we will see how animal friendly all those TRAs who claim to loooove animals really are.

Your poor cat! These crimes should get the perpetrators life in prison as a minimum sentence.

My two are shelter cats, and all I know is they were street rescues. The elder regards every woman who comes in as there to provide attention, entertainment and scritches. She’d probably do the same with the man who comes here if he was sitting down, but he’s a physiotherapist, so she doesn’t get the opportunity. My younger takes a little while to be sure, but I bet she won’t be coming out for the physio bloke.

I had a male house sitter for the first time last month. My cat disappeared for a week. Thank god he came back, but what a stressful week. No more male house sitters.

Wow, what a brilliant dog! How did it figure out human sex constructs that are actually not biological because reasons?

Ah yes, those completely made up sex constructs that only white humans invented and with which indigenous cultures never came up before the white man taught them there's two sexes ... how did a dog figure it out? It's a mystery!

Good dog!

My cat loooooooves all men. I don’t know why. I just want her to love me 🥺 I’m the one who gives you treats and wants to cuddle you, you ungrateful wretch! Yet there you are, smarmed up to the male vet like no one has ever offered you as much as a pat.

I once heard a woman jokingly complain that female cats were “such tarts” with women’s husbands 😂

I think the only reasonable solution in your case is to keep getting cats until you find one that’s exclisively enamored with you.

My cat is a pick-me with men too 🤣 my husband is her man, it's hilarious. I also love how much he loves her too, when I met him he didn't like cats and now that's his baby.

I'm glad I'm not the only one haha. My cat tolerates and maybe even likes me, but if my husband's home, I'm nobody. And idk why, we both feed her (I might even feed her more often) and give her attention

Wolf dogs are something else aswell, there’s a few men who work with them but mostly I’ve seen women who work with wolves. It’s also men I more often see get cocky with them and end up bit

I knew a woman who had a "pet" wolf and a pet wolfdog (the son of the wolf). They both looked equally wolfy, but the wolfdog was very "doggy" in personality while the full wolf just had an intensity and an intelligence in her demeaner that almost instinctively commanded a certain level of respect (and caution) in how you interacted with her. And I think ultimately the wolfdog was more dangerous, because with him you could forget that he wasn't a normal dog, think of him like he was a husky, while you'd never forget the wolf was a wolf because she wouldn't let you. Something in the way she made eye contact with you that dogs just don't do; none of that begging for approval.

There’s a certain class of men who are drawn to wolf dogs because they think they’re a badass accessory. Setting aside the fact that individual wolf dogs differ wildly in temperament, these aren’t the type of men to put in the time or effort to train and exercise a part dog-part wild animal mix; nor to provide the type of outdoor shelter it would prefer.

Plus, a lot of men are weirdly competitive or aggressive with animals. I have no respect for these men.

I very rarely come across men who work well with them (they sure claim to be an expert). I know a few women personally who work with very powerful dogs, German shepards, Belgian malinos, gorgeous dogs but not quite my bag. One thing I notice about them is how much respect they have for those dogs and what they’re capable of. They never take for granted the animal that they have and make sure they spend a lot of time and effort to get a well bred animal that’s trained properly that has a happy life.

Men can’t not see these animals as possessions, I think that’s where their competitiveness comes in because they want to have this dangerous animal submit to them. Their methods are always far more aggressive and in turn they end up fear bitten.

Personal experience, I love guardian breed dogs, I've had Cane Corsos all of my adult life. And let me tell you, it's a working relationship with lots of negotiation. My dogs do what they do for me because they love me (and I feed them), not because I force them to it.

I prefer rescue, and it's 99% women in rescue work as well. Who would've thought?