If you go to their website, they mention believing that abortion should be punishable by death, because that’s “Biblical.” They believe women should be submissive to men on every level. A woman is an inferior being in their book and “selfish” women who don’t sacrifice themselves for men are destroying the fabric of American society. GNC people and gay people are “anti-family,” and LGB don’t deserve basic rights according to them.

They are steeped in “pink vs blue” gender ideology BS just like TRAs. The right wing religious kooks are the original gender cult that the TRAs ran with and warped into their own version of insanity. The difference is that the religious fundies can recognize basic biology, which of course they use as a tool to oppress women from cradle to grave.

once again I’m not saying I agree with any of their political stances I just thought it was funny that they upset men

[–] Apricot_Ibex 8 points Edited

I understand and definitely didn’t think you were endorsing their politics! 🙂 Was just venting about the absolute state of women’s basic rights in the US. These ultra-conservative religious nut job groups essentially control my state of residence.

If TIMs could get validated as tradwives or handmaidens, they’d get in that pink bus in a heartbeat. They’d join in screaming for women to be executed for abortions. It would be so “gender affirming” for them to LARP as a submissive woman. They constantly get off on our oppression, after all. They’ve even fetishized hijabs. They fetish everything of course, including domestic violence and sexual assault. (And then the libfems would tell us not to kink shame the TIMs for seeking validation wherever they can find it.)

Also, I totally agree that it’s hilarious that this bus is on InfoWarrior Rides, just because it refers to basic human biology! We KNOW that’s why they posted it, not because of the “we pray” crap. Some triggered TIM is probably tweeting about it as we speak.

I like browsing that sub sometimes, and usually it’s some anti-Semitic conspiracy nutjob, Q Anon, 5G/Bill Gates garbage, etc. TRA ideology, being utterly delusional and a cult, would fit right in! TRA is totally “info warrior” because all they do is scream at people to “do your own research” about how men are actually women. The people on that sub apparently can’t even see the sweet irony of that. 🤦🏻‍♀️

Nice tailgate message: "Honk if you know what a woman is"

Hard pass on that org. Broken clock tho

Oh yeah I have no care for the org themselves I just thought it was funny they upset the men on reddit

Oh yeah I have no care for the org themselves I just thought it was funny they upset the men on reddit

Triggering Reddit scrotes is something women of all stripes can bond over. ❤

Oh, but this group is horrible. They really are. It's not just trans stuff. This is a very old organization and they're shitty. Mean-spirited. Phyllis Schlafly multiplied. I'm tired of calling people "based" for knowing the fucking obvious. It's not like they've done anything helpful for women. Rad fems did all the heavy lifting on this.

Sorry, I don't care how this group is received.

It’s not like they’ve done anything helpful for women.

It’s not that they just haven’t done anything helpful for women, they are actively anti-women. Their status as women doesn’t mean shit when they have dedicated their existence to fucking over their sex class.

Some women on here might disagree, but I don’t want anything to do with women like this and anyone who is truly dedicated to fighting for women’s liberation shouldn’t either. They’re deadweights who drag us down and hold us back. The way I see it, the only significant difference between them and the worst of the worst misogynistic male chauvinists is their female anatomy and inability to physically harm and rape us.

I just imagine how far that we would have come by now if all women were on the same page. Female socialization due to thousands of years of subjugation is one thing, but eagerly endorsing the perpetual subjugation of women and girls and actively working to undo the progress that we’ve made is a whole other thing that cannot be excused or sympathized with.

(OP, my tangent wasn’t directed at you btw. I know that you didn’t know about their organization and only thought the bus and reactions to it were funny.)

It really cannot be overstated how much agreeing with some groups that water is wet does not actually mean we have common ground. Like these groups are actively harmful to women

Yeah, it's hardly "based" to think that women exist to serve men and their whims. Give me a fucking break.

I just thought the bus and mens reaction to it was funny, I wasn’t trying to say I agree with them

It’s such a shame that women who somewhat get it (e.g. anti-porn, anti-sex work and human trafficking, anti-gender ideology, etc.) take such a hard right turn into hate and bigotry. It’s like any activism that they do for the former is completely canceled out by their anti-abortion, anti-gay marriage, anti-women’s autonomy/pro-women’s subjugation, and christo-fascist agenda.

The pink bus is funny but what it represents is terrifying.

I'm triggered over the fact they will vote against abortion rights for women, so there's that.

Yeah once again I’m not saying I agree with any of their political stances I just thought it was funny that they upset men

Whether it’s gender ideology or christianity ALL religions are bad for women- how is this supposed to be “based”?

[–] Medusa91 [OP] 4 points Edited

Because I had to pick a flair to post and none of them fitted so I did ip dip sky blue

Also I don’t agree with them on any other position, I just thought it was funny they pissed off all the penis havers on reddit

Apparently their manifesto does call for the rapture but still, they get the based checkmark just for pissing off the scrotes with their giant pink bus. I don’t know anything about these women (but I will assert that women I don’t politically agree with still have the right to vote).

sort by controversial for sanity

CWA's opposition to abortion, same sex marriage and position that women should be married and subordinate to men makes them a hate group IMHO (as in hating women and especially the idea of women's liberation), but I gotta applaud the Big Pink Bus in terms of a perfect tactic to distract their opposition from focusing on the real problems with CWA's political platform. It seems to be working, and has the added snark of a middle finger to the traditional, often Democratic supporting, Souls to the Polls much smaller buses to early voting sites on Sundays that are sponsored by alot of christian black churches especially in urban areas in the USA.

Yeah I had a strong feeling I was going to disagree with them on all those grounds but I’m not gonna lie, they really nailed their stopped clock moment.

Are there any other large-scale self-hating movements for other groups? I think there were black white supremacists at one point and you still get the odd Candace Owens every now and again but I just don’t see it on this scale and at these percentages of the marginalized group. Am I not seeing it?

Frankly I think the tremendous harm dipshits like this are doing to women far outweighs the pitiful contribution of "making dumb men seethe on the internet." But that's just me.

I suspect I’d agree with them politically on very little, but yeah. “Rights” aren’t “privileges for people I like”.

I think what bothers me is that men are allowed to vote for who they choose and people do not call them out for voting one way or another. Women however, are judged by men for voting one way or the other. No, I don't agree with these women, but they have the right to vote for whoever they choose without some Lib Bro losing his shit over it. As far as I am concerned both major political parties in the USA are not advocating for women.

Amen. Only White men have the luxury of being able to cast a vote without it being a reflection of their identity one way or the other.

And I don't think its fair to judge any woman for voting republican when the democrats have so throughly betrayed us

Not 100% with them on all of their points but you have to admit: when both sides of the aisle can shake hands on something you know the core ideology is fucked.

Frequently, but not always the case. “Both” sides love giving endless money to the military and coup’ing and invading countries and that’s totally fucked.

[–] MissBehaved 7 points Edited

Reddit hates Christians almost as much as they hate women. Almost.

(I give a hard pass on this group though.)

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