What's worse is that I'm sure he knows it. Of course he's a male transvestite. How can a man his age be genuinely confused about his sex? He used to know perfectly well he was male.

He's either jumping on the trans bandwagon to seem cool and modern, or somehow TRAs actually did brainwash him.

the thing that galls me is that he was completely fine with that label of "transvestite" for literal decades.

Is he really funny or smart or something? Just asking bc I know nothing about him and I'm not trying to watch any of his shit. He's ugly as a man and as a woman, why does the media love him

He was a great standup comedian for decades who made a bunch of funny jokes on religion, history, and gender. He used to own his male identity while still wearing makeup and dresses, saying that if he's male and wearing certain clothes then that makes them male clothes, simple as that. He used to straight-up identify as a transvestite and made jokes about being a male lesbian, and the crowd laughed with him because "male lesbian" WAS the joke.

Then suddenly, after decades of that being his thing, he came out as trans a few years ago, and now "male lesbian" is a super serious legitimate thing and no longer a joke, and it's like he and the media forgot his whole history.

It’s porn. Access to porn did this to him, I’d put money on it.

Not that he’s some kind of poor, baby victim.

Just that porn was the catalyst that turned him into this.

Also probably just being a celebrity. Celebrities are essentially whores. He saw this as a trendy way to get attention and new fans


I consider it our feminist duty to rescue any and all small, fluffy white dogs from his house.

And to send big ones with giant teeth round instead.

They can always sniff out a man and have been known to chomp sausage, no matter how well tucked away it is.

Yep, the hunger for power, status and attention is palpable.

He's seriously creepy and seriously narcissistic and your post has triple-confirmed it.

All of whom dress or dressed far better than Eddie McToadface.

My go-to for magnificent ecclesiastical robes are Philippe de Champaigne’s many portraits of Cardinal Richelieu.