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I kinda of thought of a friend of mine as an alpha male but he isn't an asshole. He's a leader. Guys seemingly look up to him. He is charismatic and has a large following. He loves to play sports with the guys. He's wise, very respectful of women. And he is very dedicated to his young son. Maybe I/we need another name for this type of man. Maybe there's already a word out there .

I wish there was more of him that's for certain.

I know what you mean. I think "leader" or "leader type" is a good enough descriptor. There are also some women who are like this, who take charge, take the lead, get things done. It's a role that can be filled in by individuals of either sex.

Human? If he is not an asshole and treats women decently, that is the bare minimum.

That should be the standard, not the exception. A word isn't necessary for standard behavior.

He watches porn

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I dont know. He sounds like he definitely used to and I'm going to say I assume all guys do. However, he recently sent a "dont watch porn" to everyone on IG.

Only just the way that women pick theses men we kinda sorta know and perpetuate the myth that "they're one of the good ones"--- he's not

This is why Andrew Tate types are idiots. If a man is wealthy and/or very attractive he can get away with being an aggressive asshole and using women like disposable objects through his forties, maybe. Eventually, his kids and exes will all hate him and he won’t have any genuine friends.

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"not fit for the public" - this so much!

I am going to bring this up at every mention of the term "alpha male" from now on.

Also, apparently they have cons now. Salt Lake City people, did you notice anything weird back in February?

Oh my God that convention should come with a rape warning and a public announcement for women to stay at least 200 miles away for their own safety. WTF.