Let's see, how do we terrorize them? Death threats? Nope. Rape threats? Nope. Dressing like ninjas and shoving them? No, that's not us. Bombarding their workplace with emails to cost them their job? Again, no. Making up lies about what they believe? Not is (no need). Doxing them so they are in physical danger from zealots? Lobbying and removing basic medical safeguards? Invading their spaces? Quelling their speech? Lobbying to pass legislation that removes their rights? Stealing scholarship and sporting opportunities? Muddying statistics? Promoting and legitimizing slavery and abuse that effects women in exponentially greater numbers? Warping history and corrupting science? Creating circumstances that make it impossible to protect vulnerable people from predators? Please, Sweetie, call me when I hit one that women actually do and TRAs don't.

This one's easy: we terrorize them simply by being born and existing as women. Something they'll be

That's true, this is the first time I've heard a TIM advocate for a women's-only space.

Also, lol at "terrorizing". Only a male could equate the act of being denied with terror.

It reminds me of that one quote: men are afraid women will laugh at them, women are afraid men will kill them.

Transwomen are afraid women will "misgender" them, actual women are afraid transwomen will rape or kill them.

Unfortunately, this is an actual woman. She was in A Very Potter Musical as Cho Chang and on Buzzfeed's Ladylike.

wait hang on. She doesn't look Asian?

Those people. Yelling and screaming about Cho Chang's name but blond-haired white lady playing Asian girl = A-OK

[–] Medusa91 14 points Edited

Yeah she was a southern girl white girl Cho Chang - https://youtu.be/hUUZbgOPFLY

The top comment says “I love how they point out how weirdly racist it was to call the only Asian character CHO CHANG”. I haven’t actually watched the music for years but as far as I recall it was part of the joke

This has been chewed to death over the years with the biggest conclusion being the internet wasn’t what it was when JK wrote the book and may have just used the only name that she knew or could find - now if I google “Chinese names, Korean names, Japanese names” etc I get thousands of hits. The character is kind, sweet, beautiful and she helps the DA at the end.

Unfortunately, this is an actual woman. She was in A Very Potter Musical as Cho Chang and on Buzzfeed's Ladylike.

Ugh. These attack dog handmaidens make me so sad. She'll screech all day about the imminent threat posed by TERFs. But I'll bet she has no idea about the female suffering in Iran or the two women impregnated by a TIM inmate in New Jersey

Thank you for the info. I took one look at that name (Devon Lytle) and the soft focus photo with the "receding hairline hiding bangs" and figured it was a TIM.

Gotta be honest it makes me really uncomfortable when people on here say how they can “clock” trans women because things like this happen and it feels like women with conventionally unattractive features get assumed to be trans.

Lol right? One would think they'd mention the fact that trans violence is committed almost exclusively by men.

But then again, these are chronically online losers with no social skills and they only hang out in echo-chambers with other deluded men and enablers who pretend they pass out of politeness, so...

Cis women terrorize Tim's? Oh, fuck off.

"Terrorizing" to them is being misgendered on the internet. Because they're not mentally ill, but, if you hurt their feelings they will commit suicide and it will be all your fault, of course.

[–] Apricot_Ibex 8 points Edited

Women “terrorize” TIMs by telling them no— that’s how obvious it is that TIMs are incels in spinny skirts, lol.

Lol, so true.

Any place reserved for TIMs becomes hell. (And they know this - they don't want third spaces, they want to invade women's spaces, they don't even want to date each other and view it as last resort.)

Any place reserved for radfems would become heaven, so of course TIMs would want to invade and ruin it.

I've tricked libfems online into agreeing that there should be extra toilets for "terfs" by pretending to be one of them ... they didn't seem to realize that this would have the very exact same as a female, male, mixed model, which TRAs reject.

Female handmaidens are the only ones who believe that TIMs want a space away from real female feminists.

TIMs don't want that. If they had a say about heaven and hell, they'd want to torture us, or at least get to watch it.

They would certainly not be content with us being shoved in a lake of fire and them just having the devil's reassurance that real feminists are being tortured.

(Especially since, if libfems go to heaven ... they certainly can't stay with the TIMs to fawn over them, because deep down, even libfems notice that is emotional labour and not fun. So TIMs would be limited to their own company, which is not enjoyable at all ...)

I love that comic where the handmaiden tells her tim friend that she's gonna hook them up with a cute woman and then the tim gets pissed bc the "cute woman" is another tim lmao

BWA HA HA!!! Both brilliant AND true! These deranged TIMs would literally follow us into hell if we tried to carve out a female only space there

The larping men create a hell of any place they invade that women try to reserve for themselves.

I... I... I just cannot deal with what an extraordinary, brilliant burn that is. My hat is forever off to Mr. Copeland.

I used to love Lady Like but they have gone very 'woke'. I'd love to see her comments on the lovely speech that comes from the otherside.

I have no doubt there are women out there who are nasty and genuinely don't like TW, but I have yet to see anything as vile as the rape threats, doxxing and firing requests by TRA's.

I have no doubt there are women out there who are nasty and genuinely don't like TW

Not liking TIMs doesn’t make one nasty. What is there to like about perverted misogynists who larp as women?

IIRC, one of the Lady Like women has a TIM husband and is pushing herself as a brave queer/lesbian fighting for Trans Rights. So I'm not surprised that the other co-hosts are signaling their virtue

[–] Medusa91 3 points Edited

Oh yeah, Kristen Chirico has a TIM husband. It’s a shame because I really like Jen who she regularly posts with but she’s such a full on handmaiden i can’t be bothered with watching the show, totally killed it. (They might not actually work for buzzfeed anymore I don’t know).

Edited to add: I checked Jens insta and she’s raising money for rent relief and gender affirming surgeries for “black trans folk” so she’s drank the kool aid and is fighting to mutilate black people to! Joy!

Oh God, Kristin's husband is deeply creepy. It's like he's trying to morph into her. I remember way back she made a video about how he was a fat fetishist and I was like 'why are you sharing this :S '.

Oddly enough I watched her and Jen's leaving Buzzfeed video the other day (I like to hate watch stuff for reasons unknown to even me) and I found it quite telling that her husband essentially decided to 'come out' as trans during what sounds like the worst year of her life where she was dealing with a deeply toxic workplace and suicide ideation. I can't stand the woman but I do feel for her in having to go through that and then have her husband pull the rug out from underneath their marriage, she seems to have whole heartedly accepted him but I do wonder how much of that was because she wasn't really offered a choice given that she moves in very woke circles

I checked Jens insta and she’s raising money for rent relief and gender affirming surgeries for “black trans folk” so she’s drank the kool aid and is fighting to mutilate black people to! Joy!

Ugh. Of course she is.

And of course Buzzfeed Handmaidens don't see how wildly problematic it is to raise money to castrate Black people

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