Detransitioners who were trans for 10+ years and got all the surgeries are told that they don't know what they're talking about. But Dylan Misogyny was dubbed an expert the same day he released his first "girlhood" TikTok.

The double standard is blatant and ridiculous. Its no different than when ex-Muslims or ex-Mormons are silenced.

Dylan acts like a moron, bc, you know, it's cute to be stupid and stuff.

“✨Teehee!! ✨🤭🎀🦄✨👛💄👠✨💍👗💞💅✨🌸🤭☺️😳😄😄✨”

Image transcription: Tumblr

detransers who lived as trans for 10 years cant have a voice in trans related topics but a man whos only been woman-larping for like 3 months gets invited everywhere to talk about the woman experience. okay