Your forgot: Knows how to properly wipe his own ass and not leave skidmarks in his pants.

Wait adult men do this?? I'm thankfully very gay so never had to share any kind of intimate domestic arrangement with a bloke.

There are men in several different Anglophone countries who deliberately do not wipe their assholes because touching your own anus is apparently "gay."

I say Anglophone because I first heard about this being an Aussie thing, then I heard reports from the UK, and then finally encountered examples of guilty American men. Thankfully, no one I was dating. Just other dudes I've heard about.

Could be it's a much more widespread problem than that. No wonder they think it's "not gay" to have sex with a TIM, though, if they're just touching dicks but avoiding buttholes.

I had a fellow male student from an African country who I am genuinely convinced didn't wipe his ass. He would smell like actual poop. One time we had to do a project, and he came in smelling normal. We went to have lunch, he used the restroom, and came back smelling like actual feces. It was horrible but fortunately it was only one of them, which makes me think it's not a cultural thing, just a disgusting man-thing.

Why the fuck are men so vile 😭I can accept sweaty smells if it's a hot day because maybe they can't help it, but there's NO EXCUSE for not washing your ass

How does that work for masturbation, then? Surely "getting a man off by touching his genitals" is their very definition of gay?!

Yeah it's a thing, if you ever see a guy dig in his butt with his keys (or with anything) that's why. Only 1/3 of men actually wash their hands correctly after using the washroom too.

Omg the very first time that I went over to my Nigel’s house, I saw wet wipes in the bathroom and fell in love lolol.

Yes, it's the absolute onslaught of typical male pattern violence and misogyny that TRA's level at women who like to speak from a feminist perspective that is convincing more and more people that transwomen are just pervy men with weird fixations and a fetish for control.

It really isn't the fact that they have male bodies. A lot of the types of freethinkers who follow feminist ideals absolutely can accept that biology is not destiny, that's the very reason that a lot of feminists believe in non-conformity with female gender roles in the first place. The idea that one does not have to conform to a specific role or lifestyle or behavior is an essentially feminist idea.

It's the fact that transwomen demand that everyone around them accept false facts about the very nature of their biology and target most of their ire at women that makes us say, yep, that's definitely a man. I think most women of a certain age have has experiences with men who behave this way around women and recognize that behavior as so essentially masculine that it becomes impossible to accept the idea that all of these transwomen are female on any level. They are really behaving in a way that is peak male and that's the reasoning behind excluding them from women's spaces.

Now, the important question remains: Where do we find such men?

In novels written by women.

Yep. I write unfeasibly perfect heroes like this.

I've even had some readers express regret/disappointment that such men don't appear to exist in real life!

I found one my sheer dumb luck but he’s also kind of fat (and working on it, CPTSD is rough), but when he expressed his general disgust with porn from the perspective of concern for the women and girls involved, I knew he was different. Once I thorough vetted he wasn’t full of shit.

I was raised by one and I don't even have an answer for this. I'm not sure they exist in my generation.

And it's not that I think men of my dad's generation were inherently better or anything, it's literally just that porn was less pervasive and easily accessible. It was at least theoretically possible for a man of my dad's generation to not have much exposure to porn and never develop a taste for it. They didn't even have VCRs until my dad was an adult...watching pornographic movies meant having to go to an actual XXX theater ffs.

Meanwhile, my generation is the last group that will be able to remember a time before the internet. By the time we were in high school there was internet porn. Men of my age group have had limitless access to pornography for their entire adult lives, along with messaging that porn is normal and healthy and even "empowering."

I don't know how one comes back from that.

I was raised by one, too. I think it's because my dad is kind of a loner by nature, so he's always picked up less of this shit from his peers. But that's just my theory. I honestly feel very lucky.

We shouldn't allow them to rebrand themselves as 'gender nonconforming men', every man that thinks he can somehow 'become' a woman is a nothing less than a perverted misogynist

Gender nonconforming does not mean "becoming a woman." Woman is a sex class, not a gender.

The text is good and true but why tf is the guy from the “average xyz enjoyer” meme on the graphic??

That particular image isn't associated with that specific meme, the "gigachad" is just supposed to represent "cool person/person who agrees with me", ironically or otherwise

Gonna be honest this meme doesn't really sit right for me because it implies that GNC women do do these things, which obviously isn't true.

I don't think it does imply that, why would it? Men and women aren't literal automatic opposites on every single aspect of behaviour.