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This accusation of radfems being "racists" by TRAs is a rather interesting experience. When you ask for evidence and steel-fire proof on how the radical feminism movement is racist, they stutter exaggerate, washed up interpretations of what radical feminists have said (especially out of context), while ignoring all the radical feminists who are not white and got shit done for the women and girls in their own country. Basically, TRAs use mere speculation and out-of-ass "speculation".

However, if you link shit like, I dunno, the many racist instances in which transgenders and their activists have degradingly bullied black, asian, polynesian, latina, and aboriginal women, transgenders and their activists just get smug and smile their punchable grins as they either outright ignore the evidence of their foul turd tracks, or have a full mask-off moment to justify their unhinged nature.

Have you noticed how TRAs always say that women who oppose gender ideology and just state the material reality that humans can´t chage sex are accused of wanting trans identified people to die???

According to TRAs, GC women are responsible for violent men killing TIMs and TIFs. That´s the trick they use to move the "be kind" crowd. Validate trans identities, or the trans will all die!!!111 Don´t you dare to think by yourself or believe what your eyes see! Obey and submit and be kind uwu!!

Let me tell you about the trans man who argued that not validating trans identifies is literal genocide by the UN’s definition because it amounts to “causing serious bodily or mental harm to members of the group,” and “deliberately inflicting on the group conditions of life calculated to bring about its physical destruction in whole or in part” 🤪

The mental harm they suffer is because they keep denying reality. It´s like telling to mentally ill people that their allucinations are just that, and that they need treatment to live in reality. TIMs and TIFs want to live in fantasy land where they magically transform their sex just by declaring it. They clash with reality and that gives them great mental distress because they´re mentally ill, not because reality is wrong.

Is that Chuckles Clymer up the top?

Yep. I don't know why, exactly, but transition always makes men 10x uglier. More so than most, he looks like an ogre.

Oh hell yeah, ogre or mountain troll. Most of them have the brains to match, too.