I remember pickmes saying something along the lines that reason men go after because younger girls dress older and if they dress appropriately this wouldn't be happening. Despite the fact that girls in their SCHOOL UNIFORMS get sexually harassed all the time by gross scrotes. The reason why I never experienced this was because I was a shut in and I never walked to school. I took the bus straight home and rarely went out so I guess I was lucky. I remember a girl in one of my class (it wasn't her class but she was staying there) she said that she was sexually harassed after school by creeps across the street. Mind you the school uniforms we wore were polo shirts and pants. Nearly all the girls at my school never wore skirts unless they were feeling fashionable we all wore pants. I remember reading something from a Japanese women that said the moment she stopped wearing her uniform the sexual harassment took a huge drop and that's because not wearing indicates she would have been adult