The fact I'm seeing this The Good Place meme on here after having my The Good Place group hijacked by TRAs is a pleasure to behold.

I am so sick and tired of Janet's 'Not a girl' being used as a non-binary chant, among other things. Ugh. Why can't we just enjoy things 🥲

Thank you for this!!!

this is so fucking relatable. The Good Place is incredible and thoughtful and it's so annoying that people tried to turn the physical embodiment of Alexa into a nonbinary icon when it's just a female-gender-conforming robot

So dumb

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Ugh, that sucks. Glad I could help brighten your day though!

It's funny how TRAs use that Janet line as a non-binary rallying cry, because Janet is not a human. She's not even a robot lol. So them clinging to that line, they miss the point entirely of her insisting she's "not a girl".

Of course, non-brainery types think they are super special and smart, so maybe their ego just needs stroking 😂

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AH! A Good Place meme! ❤❤❤

I really wish I could find the one of Jason going 'Oh Andrea, we're really in it now'.

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There's a criminally small number of memes and still frames from this show haha

There definitely is. I get a lot of mileage from this one though