“We need to call out the ‘sex work is work’ brigade. We need to stop promoting this idea that men have the right of sexual access to women as and when they freaking want; women of whatever age they want, whatever size they want, whatever position they want.” – Fiona Broadfoot

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The phrase "sex work is work" is disingenuous. It implies that people who oppose prostitution don't think it's difficult, laborious, or dangerous.

We aren't disputing that. We know that. The entire business model of men paying women to do sexual things that said women don't want to do (if they wanted to, men wouldn't have to pay them) is exploitative. Sex is too physically and emotionally intimate to be passed off as "just work".

Apparently, the woman who coined “sex work” (Carol Leigh) just died. Another prostituted woman who thought that if she rebranded whoring, people would respect it (and her) more. Some women never learn…

Even before I discovered radical and GC feminism, I was skeptical of the rebranding of prostitution of as "sex work". I thought "sex work" was useful as an umbrella term to refer to all purchasable sexual services (stripping, pole dancing, camming, etc.), but I didn't see any reason to obscure the sale of sexual intercourse with a neologism.

I've tried to find some information about her. Maybe you know more about her but from what I find, it seems her intention was to destigmatise prostitution rather than try to normalise it a regular job. Which I'd agree, we shouldn't discriminate against women who are involved in prostitution. We should, however, discriminate against the punters and pimps who abuse desperate women. I have to wonder if her message got twisted.

👆yes, sex work is labor and that’s the point — nobody should be forced to sell her emotional and physical intimacy in the form of labor. Nobody should be exposed to the dangers of prostitution because she has no other option. The fact that sex workers are disproportionately black and/or poor women is lost on them. It’s a racial, economic and gendered issue, but libfems see sex work from their privileged middle-class view and don’t acknowledge the poor, black, and disenfranchised women who suffer and die for them to be “empowered.”