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Daily reminder that no woman has ever murdered a TIM, but TIMs have murdered women.

Remembering things that didn't happen seems to be the TRA MO.

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Regarding fictional events, I'd rather remember the Glorious Revolution and the People's Republic of Treacle Mine Road, the two times Harry Potter defeated Voldemort, and the day Aragorn II, son of Gilraen, was crowned King.

You know. Interesting stuff.

If you're gonna live in a fantasy world, then why not Middle Earth instead of this dreadful dystopia where TIMs are murdered in their thousands.

(Perhaps they count it as transphobic murder if a woman says she doesn't believe in fairies thinks transwomen are men? But they provably do not drop dead from that.)

I know, right? If you're gonna fantasize you might as well fantasize about fun stuff!

It could happen. They could die if we don’t stop being TERFs and start accepting them for who they really are. Never mind the women who are actually being murdered, they could be murdered 🙄

Exactly! Other people calmly stating facts is "literal violence", so all their suicides should be counted as murder. Then again they aren't going through with killing themselves much either, but maybe they can identify as having killed themselves.

By the most violent way possible, misgendering. "Cis" people can't even imagine the pain of that!

And worse, they could die from blue balls, because of all the evil terfs who refuse to service them.

Any other “community” would celebrate a lack of violence. But they really want to be seen as oppressed, because they lose all power if they’re not.

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Healing the psychic wound of imagined trauma 🙌

They'll probably just whine about Marsha P Johnson and the handful of TIPs who died in America for reasons unrelated to being trans

Every second of every day is trans remembrance day…because they will never for a second let us forget.

Even when we want to.


we literally can’t because you never shut the fuck up.

I was just trying to watch a stream of the new pokemon game earlier, and the not trans but 'ally' streamer brought up trans twice in 5 minutes, apropos of nothing. Glad I use adblock! Good thing there are still streamers that focus on the game:)

I used to think Norway was cool with their criminal justice system among other things. Not anymore.