I want to kiss their little heads so bad 🥺 I'm a mix between them I think. I'm in STEM and not religious but damn is the female body as a goddess concept so beautiful and comforting.

Right? when our long ago ancestors started pondering about who or what created life on earth, it only makes sense that they would look at the bodies of women, at the process of gestation and birth, and conclude that the creator of all life must be a woman and/or a distinctly female force. And I don't think that has to be literal - as in I dont think the goddess/creator has a human form (but it can help us find relationship to it by anthropomorphizing it a bit) but it makes sense to call that force, whatever it even is "Mother" - as in the being that creates more of itself, not terribly unlike the "mother" in my apple cider vinegar.

Here's the start of the book The Great Cosmic Mother (which is an amazing book)

In the beginning was a very female sea. For two-and-a-half billion years on earth, all life-forms floated in the womb-like environment of the planetary ocean-nourished and protected by its fluid chemicals, rocked by the lunar-tidal rhythms. The menstrual cycle originated here, organically echoing the moon-pulse of the sea. And, because this longest period of life’s time on earth was dominated by marine forms reproducing parthenogenetically, the female principle was primordial. In the beginning, life did not gestate within the body of any creature, but within the ocean womb containing all organic life. There were no specialized sex organs; rather, a generalized female existence reproduced itself within the female body of the sea.

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I love this!

I’ve been hanging around goddess groups since I was a teenager and I’ve met lots of atheists who love the woo woo goddess stuff. For a lot of them it’s less about some over arching being that they are interested in and more about the spiritual gathering of women. I have heard atheist women say that she did’t believe in a goddess the way that, for example, your taught to in an abrahamic religion. She believed something only had power of you gave it power, so thousands and thousands of years of women comming together and turning towards “the goddess” was what made it so powerful, the collective energy of millions of women.

I went totally off-track then and thought you were going to talk about a female cat mother-goddess! 😸

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That would be the Egyptian goddess Bastet. Both facts and logic agnostic and goddess loving here too. Nice to see there are so many of us.

I'm also in STEM and feel like this. Search "Shaktism" when you have time. I think you'll appreciate its feminine view

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To add to the woo woo goddess...

I remember reading that the universe gained self-awareness through us. So, only females can give life, therefore the universe, or god, is female.

They’re the same person sometimes.

I was gonna say I’m both and also the coping Christian “the Bible isn’t actually misogynistic, the church is” radfem

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I also used to be the coping Christian until I learned about the gospel of Mary they decided to leave out lol atheist and radfem peak all at once.

There were several 'gospels' that the council of Nicea chose to leave out. That was the entire purpose of the council, to weed through the available literature and decide which were Canon and which were not, according to the common traditions that existed at the time. The existence of additional manuscripts doesn't really prove an ulterior motive. It is also the reason that it makes no sense to take the Bible literally. It's a compilation of works, so it is inevitable that there are discrepancies. There's no reason to suspect the manuscript about Mary of Magdalene is truer than any of the other books. They may have excluded it due to misogyny, or another reason, or they may have not even looked at it. But none of the other literature indicates a romantic relationship between Jesus and Mary or anyone else.

A lot of theists/deists make this argument and I’ve never seen an example of it.

Exactly. Dianic Wiccans aren’t the same as atheists... and “goddess worship radfems” still have logic, even if OP doesn’t think so.

Black cats ftw! I would be happy to let them give me side-eye anytime.

Kitty side-eye is the best. My user name’s for my late kitty who was dubbed, not Queen, but Empress of Stinkeye.

i don't fully trust the "worship goddess" pro-astrology types. they're just as bad in their own ways.

i require facts from every direction.

Or maybe just let people believe what they want if it doesn’t hurt anyone? Excuse me, but I’m not “just as bad” for being spiritual/believing in a Goddess. I don’t project my beliefs on anyone. I don’t really believe in astrology either.

Live and let live.