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My thoughts on this is that (regarding TIMs) their fetish is just an extension of the commodification of the female body...

You are a man, society presents women as objects that can be purchased for your own ends.

You can buy a woman’s body for your own pleasure; a prostitute, a stripper, a cam girl...

You can buy a woman for her reproductive capabilities; to be a surrogate.

You see women as beautiful, decorative ornaments used to service men*. They are not proper, multifaceted individuals. They are presented to you, through media, film, advertisements, as objects of beauty and little else.

*A man once told me beautiful women “have all the power” because they can get men to do what they want, with sex (ignoring the disproportionate amount of institutional, economic and societal power held by men, of course...men are sometimes nice to women if they think it will get them laid - bask in that power, ladies! 🙄)

You see how wanted women are (only the young, hot ones, but still...) you covet that. You want to be wanted, you want to be desired.

If you can buy a woman as a service, if you can use her body to your own ends then why shouldn’t you be able to buy yourself a female body? Why can’t you harness one of those beautiful, empty vessels?

So you declare yourself a woman. Those aren’t real people, just beautiful things, and you want to be a beautiful thing. So you buy yourself the hormones, the breasts, the surgery, the clothes, the makeup, the hair....you buy what you think a woman is, because in your male brain, and in this man’s world, that’s all a woman is. Some vague concept that can be purchased and performed.

I've seen men list "getting free drinks at the bar" as a female privilege. As if dealing with some scrote who might have roofies in his pocket is better than just paying for our own cocktails.

I remember this one guy got so annoyed when I ordered a coke

Exact same thing here! They're so transparent about wanting to get us drunk (or worse) so they can do whatever they want without any pesky objections.

Yep, such privilege we hold.

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And the whole point of the freebies for women is to get women to these bars so men have women to hit on. Nothing's ever free, men want something for those gifts.

Wish I could save comments. You succinctly put it all together for me here!

I screenshot and save comments I love to reread on a folder on my PC! :)

Aww thanks :) I often wish that I could save comments, the women here are so insightful and clever. So glad to have this community.

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The current aesthetic of the gender specials reminds me of The Capitol, in the Hunger Games. Weird colors, weird hair, outlandish clothing, exaggerating mannerisms.

I should rewatch and see if there is gender switching in the movie: men who LARP as women, etc. Strong women in the series do dress as men, but then...there is a war thing going on...


I once crashed an academic conference on The Hunger Games and told a group of students that while they thought they were in the Districts, anyone who had the leisure to hang around listening to lectures and eating free food was actually in the Capitol, and the Districts were the third world countries where our sweatshops are located. They didn't like that much.

hah! Of course one would prefer to be part of the downtrodden who are rising up against tyranny. Not the tyrants.

Wonder if that is a motivating factor in MtF transitioning: tired of being the bad guys? (Not just the plain vanilla boring guys, but the actual tyrants, bad guys, oppressors).

OMG modern SJWs & TRAs are totally like the villains in Hunger Games. 🤣

There are definitely a couple of apparent TIMs in the first movie in street shots of the Capital!

Interesting. I will watch again with a view to recognizing this.

One of the repeated arguments I have heard from TRAs is "they have always been around, you never noticed them before", which must be true. It's the agressive replacement behavior that is making them nauseatingly obvious now: wanting our spaces, insisting on placement in women's hospital wards, prisons, and women's sports. It's one thing to quietly move through society without notice or intrusion. It's quite another when there is no word for woman anymore, and scholarships and awards meant for women are grasped by lying hands.

At the time THG movies came out (can’t believe it’s been like 10 years?), I think that the Alexander McQueen styling in the Capitol was meant to emphasize a self-centered obsession with gaudy vanity to the point of actual monstrousness over the practical and grim concerns of the Districts.

One interesting thing about the books/movies really is the fact that no matter where you are on the political spectrum, it’s easy to frame it as though the story is sympathetic to your cause. even years later I can see the late-stage capitalism bloat reflected in the Capitol as well as the genderists in my life.

In the movies we see Effie Trinket go to great lengths to continue to groom and style herself in the meager and utilitarian bunkers of 13. Gal’s priorities are out of whack and in fact out her as one of the former Bad Guys, but she is so determined to cling to her shreds of identity and vanity that she goes through all this trouble. It reminds me of a guy I knew who refused to fill out gendered job applications, and found ways to buy blue and pink hair dye even when he was homeless.

Someone in another comment mentioned the cat lady, Tigress (I think that was her name, or similar.) her backstory is sad because when the protags meet her, her body modification was considered so extreme by a society that encourages extreme modification that she lost her job and lives basically in hiding, out of the public eye. There comes a point for a lot of people who have mutilated themselves in the name of Trans Rites™️ to the point where they regret it a lot, and cannot go back.

In the Capitol, there is not a yearly Reaping where all the kids between 12 and 18 are divided strictly into male and female groups and herded like livestock. Of course they can have their luxury beliefs and special pronouns and hyper individuality in the Capitol! It reminds me of the complete ignorance for the fact that in most of the world, this is seen as frivolous and ridiculous and a manufactured problem for commodified victimhood. If you were a fly on the wall in a Capitol citizen’s therapy session, tell me it WOULDN’t be wholly image-focused and concerned with the perception of others.

The current aesthetic of the gender specials reminds me of The Capitol, in the Hunger Games. Weird colors, weird hair, outlandish clothing, exaggerating mannerisms.

I watched the fourth movie of the franchise just yesterday and that is exactly what I was thinking.

There was also extreme body modification, like the woman who made herself part cat.

Why do they think it's so popular? If it had actually gone against the stays quo(cough radical feminismcough) then it would have been shut down. Instead Big Pharma, butcher doctors, and corrupt government officials laugh all the way to the bank.

These people legit think they're oppressed despite the fact that they have Big Pharma, the entire Democrat party, the mainstream media, most activist organizations, and most of the mega-corporations at their beck and call. If that's oppression, I wanna know what privilege looks like!!

Its both funny and ironic that most TIPs and TRAs constantly whine about the evils of capitalism while supporting a movement that could not exist without capitalism. They're the very definition of "useful idiot"

I feel like we're headed toward some dystopian capitalist hellhole like the City in Transmetropolitan

I think about Transmetropolitan often with the whole gender thing

Rewatching/reading SciFi content and dystopian SciFi like it's the new Gospel because that shit is happening for real.

Image transcription: r/detrans

Trans ideology encourages us to be obsessed with the idea of “gender”

Literally every single trans person I know sees everything in terms of “masc” and “fem”, I was stuck in this trap too where everything I did had to be masc when I was FtM and I would be self-conscious when I did things that were fem because I might be seen as a transtrender or non-binary. This ideology is so toxic.

Cis people literally don’t think about their gender, they just are. Trans people and their ideology make such a big deal about gender and blow it up into some big thing that it doesn’t need to be. They’re making gender more of a binary than it has been in a while.


yes, unfortunately i think it stems from capitalism. companies realized they can double their income if they create "boy things" and "girl things" and market them accordingly. market separation. and our consumerist society fucking swallowed it.

trans people i think are just the logical progression of that model. what is more consumerist than the idea you can buy yourself a gender?

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Where’s this thing that they keep getting where “cis” people don’t think about gender/their gender? Where do they think all these concepts came from? Hell, this is a whole site where people pick apart gender, most who’ve had varying degrees of their own analysis. What if I told you gender has been analyzed for a long, long, long time?

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We don't think about it in terms of every choice and decision we make needing to be analyzed for how it will project our gender to others. If I put on lipstick one day but not the next it isn't because I want be more or less a woman. We don't wake up and have to think about what clothes we will wear so people will know what pronouns to use for us today as opposed to the gender we were yesterday. I don't have to be conscious of every word I say to make sure my voice sound feminine. We aren't "performing" our gender. We just are.

In TRA circles, there's also the mantra that if you ever "question" or feel uncomfortable with your biological sex, you are transgender.

Some of us do struggle with being female and how we present ourselves to the world, but we don't think it means that we are non-women.

I mean I have a gender studies degree that predates this stuff by quite a lot.