It's wild how things that were blatantly degenerate/inappropriate were universally acknowledged just a few years ago.

Any old show will laugh at the crossdresser or he's a serial killer, or it's a deal breaker or the dude is just fucking weird and creepy.

Now TRAs are trying to collectively force us all to pretend it's normal and wasn't the punchline forever.

They want to compare it to gay people as if it were REMOTELY similar.

Especially aimed at children. You would have been locked up as a pedophile in the past for some of the stuff people are promoting.

It scares me as a grandmother. These are children, and why the hell are children being subject to sexual content?

Freaks me out to see little kids giving drag dancers dollars.

B-but muh child beauty pageants!! As if we haven't been calling those disgusting for years already and they weren't very niche events that most people disliked.

Yep. Exactly. And there is a qualitative difference between a child imitating an adult, and adult acting in a provacative manner with a child. Disgusting.

Freaks me out to see little kids giving drag dancers dollars.

🤢🤢🤢 HOW is this happening 🤢🤢?!

Why don’t the parents protect their kids?!?

I hate how, even as a liberal, I’m seen as a pearl-clutching, right-wing grandma for thinking this stuff is horrible.

I wish I knew. I don't get it. Like I said, not so many years ago sharing something that is now GIVEN to children, would have been considered child porn.


South Park + The Simpsons are prophetic in so many ways.

It begs the question - do Genderists watch much South Park & The Simpsons now?

They can dress like it's the 90s, but can they take a joke like it?

South Park in particular because they simply do not hold back on calling out bullshit.

They can be misogynistic (it’s made by two men, after all,) but they don’t care if it’s coming from conservatives, liberals, gay, straight, religious, anti-religious, whatwver. If it smells like shit they’ll point it out.

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That's nothing. Remember the whole Mrs. Garisson saga where mr garrison became a woman. Literally watch all the episodes that focus on his woman era. It's hilarious aside from Graphic surgery clip when he first transitioned>! !<

Here's a link to a clip https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=8vRNO07e8uc

Cartman's dad became his "mom," too.

I think his mother was his father, because she was a hermaphrodite. I'm not sure if they ever figured out who Cartman's mother was!

It was later revealed that his mom lied about being a hermaphrodite. His father is Scott Tenorman’s father, i.e. the father of his arch-nemesis on the show, who Cartman kills then feeds as chili to Scott. After Cartman finds out he killed his own father, he cries, but only because the father is ginger, thus making Cartman half-ginger.

I hope South Park does more TQ episodes in the future, since the shit that’s been done about it so far is brilliant. “Board Girls” was the best example, about TIMs in women’s sports. That episode peaked a lot of people. Lol

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Sure looks like a family-friendly drag show to me.


Season 21, Episode 5; "Hummels and Heroin";

Original air date: October 18th, 2017

I dunno. Did any human try to become a dolphin yet?

Not yet, but transhumanism would posit that if you want to be a sparrow, medical science should strive towards helping you reach that goal.