I used to love that sub, now it’s nothing but trans selfies — there’s literally five posts of “trans witch” selfies on the front page right now. They intentionally invade any women’s-only space, flood it with selfies, and demand validation while drowning out women’s voices, and then they wonder why more and more spaces are excluding them 🤷‍♀️

They've done that in 2X too before. Reddit is positively overran with TIMs. They care more about their "gender euphoria" and getting validation than they care about what they're doing to the space they're in.

But what gets me the most is all the people willing to play along with them. It's disgusting how they lie. Is it pity? Is it to look accepting?

I tapped out of 2X right before the Great Trans Selfie Invasion — someone posted a uterus meme and one of them angrily lambasted the OP for “not being inclusive,” and I (pre-TERF) lost my shit and pointed out that we already can’t openly talk about things like periods because of men, now you don’t want us to talk about it in women’s spaces? Multiple trans men were like “it costs nothing to be inclusive, save it for the period subs,” yet not a single woman with period/fertility issues ever demanded we not discuss those issues to be “more inclusive.” A (male) mod locked the fucking post and I was done.

Never mind that they’ve since tried to invade the period subs 🤣 They find out the hard way that while their trans echo chambers may encourage their “period” delusions, women don’t play that game.

I had to leave like 15 endometriosis support groups because they wanted inclusive language about a disease that only women can have. They can fuck right off. I’ll never participate in one of these women erasing groups ever again. TIF’s can start their own support groups and leave women the fuck alone.

Just let them flood. Let them invade women's spaces. Even libfems will eventually find the ovaries to realize their insanity.

Or like in the actuallesbians sub, all the women leave and they get sad when they realize they pushed out all their validation. Validation from other TIMs doesn't give that same "gender euphoria"

That sub is basically nothing but sexting between males pretending to be lesbians at this point, it’s so gross. I feel so bad for actual lesbians, there’s no lesbian-specific spaces they haven’t invaded.

I use it so I can RES tag them, in case they pop up elsewhere on reddit.

Same! I tag them as "TIM" with a bright turqoise label. Every few months I'll go on 2x or WitchesVsPatriarchy, and the comment section will be lit up with turquoise.

I actually deleted my Reddit account (and I’d been on Reddit for a long-ass time) on a whim after I was suspended for — and I’m not even exaggerating — a comment I never fucking made. The link went to a post I never commented in and there was no comment, and the “this was the comment in question” on my suspension notice was blank. After three days of trying to get a response (I assumed it was a glitch), I said fuck it and deleted my account.

Same lmfao. I just mass tag them as "TIM" so I know who's who.

Just had a look at the sub.

Why is trans ALL ABOUT THE SELFIE? Like, literally, that's all they can contribute. Selfie after selfie after selfie.

They think being a woman is just about looking a certain way in a photo? And then expect applause for it? JFC.

Think a lot of them don't do anything. Just costumes all the way down, with a deeply insecure man trying to convince himself that looking a certain way alters what you fundamentally are at the bottom of it.

They thrive on external validation. Even internet strangers they'll never meet.

And my god they're so fucking badly dressed and ugly and messy looking lol

saw an "AFABs only" rant the other day and I laughed and laughed.

fuck you, assholes.

[–] KittyWhawWhaw 8 points Edited

Where’s the “CisFemales Only” rant? Oh, right. Not allowed in a WOMENS sub.😏

What I find so weird about the sub is that not only has it been completely invaded by the trans brigade, all the posts always focus on trans despite it not even being a trans subreddit. Another bizarre thing about it too is that I’ve seen countless “trans men” posting pictures on there, and I think to myself “but I thought you didn’t want to be women!?” The LARPing men I understand, but I can’t fathom why the TiFs post there so much. Wouldn’t it give them “dysphoria”? They don’t even make sense within their own lines of reasoning.

My theory is that growing up in a female body makes one acutely aware of the disadvantages that brings, even if their delusion tells them otherwise, they KNOW. Yes, a lot of TIFs have obnoxious bluster online, but notice how many of them still stick to female spaces. You don’t see hoards of TIFs trying to get into men’s prisons.

Listened to a TIF talking about not feeling safe in the men's bathroom is just the biggest mind fuck. Like yeahhhh of COURSE you don't.

they are trying to run away from womenhood, they think they can escape being treated like 2nd class citizens if they can manage to pass but they know what they are they all know what they are 2 sides of the same coin, the reason TIFs still hang around women is the same reason why TIMs still threaten violence if they don't get their own way, you can't escape nature/nurture.

Exactly. Deep down they know they're women and they know they're safer in women's spaces

Pretty sure that everywhere trans takes over, it just becomes about trans. Because a huge number are narcissists, a huge number have autism, and almost all are obsessed with "gender identity" to the exclusion of everything else, like many true fanatics. One of the things many transwidows, ex friends, and family members describe about when someone starts "identifying" as a different gender, that person tends to lose interest in their old hobbies and interests and everything ends up revolving around 'validation' and acting out the farce.

Not to mention all the posts in that sub promoting s*x work.... I fail to see how allowing men to abuse and degrade women for money is somehow "fighting the patriarchy."

Hahaha the top pinned post is titled "international men's day discussion thread: celebrating men and masculinity by challenging patriarchal expectations"

Maybe they have more self-awareness.than we gave them credit for 😏?

I kept getting invited to that sub while being informed that I was banned from posting there.

Just looked for the first time in ages and wtf? It is literally ALL trans and nonbinary selfies. There is not another topic under discussion!

I was never part of that sub, but I think we should make the real one here.

I think that's kind of the whole site.

We even have the mob with pitchforks and torches, ready to burn us at the stake for the crime of excluding men. :)

[–] Atlas 3 points Edited

No no. She has got a point.

I saw the post title and got all excited thinking it was an o/ I hadn't seen yet. (It is late. Last scroll before bed. In my defense.)

It would be wonderful to have an actual WitchesAgainstPatriarchy here on Ovarit. Like, very much double plus good.😉

I have a discord that is sort of like this. I made it because there was no spirituality circle after two years here. Let me know if you want an invite. It is female-only and I do verification to that end.

I agree.

I have a discord that is sort of like this. I made it because there was no spirituality circle after two years here. Let me know if you want an invite. It is female-only and I do verification to that end.

I have a discord that is sort of like this. I made it because there was no spirituality circle after two years here. Let me know if you want an invite. It is female-only and I do verification to that end.

Lmao that sub is a racist, man-filled joke

Leaving Reddit was the best thing I've done since swearing off men 6 years ago

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