“There’s an idea that you can have a group of people that are split off from the rest of society, and you can treat them however you want and it won’t come back and affect the rest of the people.

Men will come and buy women in prostitution or porn for acts that they know that their girlfriends and wives wouldn’t put up with, and people seem to think it’s fine for this section of society to take on that abuse.

I’ve even seen officials in newspapers recommend that maybe criminal sex offenders should be given prostitutes to stop them from committing crime against the public. There’s really no way to treat a class of people like that and it not to come back and affect you.

These acts of degradation are in the pornography that people watch. The men who come to see us go back and interact with other people and so their wives and girlfriends also get pressured into these sorts of things too through their porn use.

I think it really affects every woman and if it doesn’t affect a woman specifically then it will affect her daughters growing up in that culture.” – Chelsea Geddes

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