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No. The new verification system was a disaster. Anyone could pay 8 dollars a month for a tick which resulted to trolls impersonating brands and politicians. He had to scrap it and work on a new system.

Andrew Tate and Kanye have had their accounts reinstated. I'm not hopeful.

Are they removing it, though? Elon said it was going to happen but has anything meaningful happened yet? I'd also be interested in whether removals are sustained or if it's a big one-time thing for show.

And of course he can remove most of the existing workforce if he demands those who stay all work twice the number of hours. It's not sustainable, but again, it makes a big initial splash and convinces everyone he's doing the right thing.

I also don't trust Musk with much of anything, including supposedly removing child porn or undoing pedophilia. Interesting that Ghislaine Maxwell supposedly asked him to "destroy the Internet" and now look what he's doing with Twitter:



The top 3 tags uses in sharing and networking with CSA materials have been completely cleared out and mass bans / records for authorities achieved. It's not the end of the fight by far, but it's more than Twitter has done for years

Exactly this. And it hasn't been that long since so it's more then twitter did in years(twitter actively fought to keep that material on the site actually).

Yeah, I’ll believe it when I see it. I don’t think firing most of the workforce without promptly replacing them bodes well for combating CSAM. Obviously the previous staff either couldn’t or didn’t bother to make an effective attempts, but he now has nobody, and his current priority seems to polling users on who he should unban next — and Alex Jones was one of them 🙄

Aside from her brazen self-interest in being removed from the web, Maxwell also reportedly asked Musk why alien lifeforms had resisted contact with Earth.

Off-topic, but ... Ghislaine Maxwell, of all people, asks that question?

I don't know whether aliens exist, but if they do, well, Epstein certainly would be a candidate for "reason why aliens don't wanna talk to us".

I don't think we can call twitter the internet as a whole. If you look here on ovarit there have been articles posted this week in regards to them removing child pornography hashtags at the very least.

Twitter's nowhere near the internet as a whole, but it's a high-profile, highly used place to start, especially for image cleaning. Removing the hashtags may make the child abuse harder to find, and it likely makes a search more difficult to find anything linking anyone to child abuse. Elon will come out of this looking like a hero while helping cover a bunch of people's tracks.

I see the propaganda machine has already begun. I wish Newsweek had enough editorial standards left to correct basic things like the use of "effected" when it should be "affected" but they seem to be at tabloid status now.