It's such a flag for me now. At best, it's someone playing the getting ahead at work status games. I can just about work with that. At worst, well, we know what it is at its worst.

I especially can't take the pronoun people seriously when they're working in advocacy or other forms of social justice work that are nothing to do with gender. If you can't understand how divisive and anti-collectivist identity politics is, then I'm not going to think much of your analysis. So far, I've been proven right every time when this is the case.

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I understand that. It’s just emotionally exhausting and toxic. I do have one long-time TIF friend, but we met IRL years ago back when she still “identified” as a butch lesbian. She’s a wonderful person and I care about her and her gf (who went enby for awhile before going back to recognizing that she is indeed a woman).

I’m happy to say my TIF friend has never done any of the surgeries. She’s not in good physical or mental health at all (PTSD, severe trauma, depression, multiple medical issues, and no real support for her growing up after her autism diagnosis) and it’s worrisome enough that she took hormones as long as she has. She’s not medically cleared for surgery.

I’m not at all interested in interacting with rabid TRAs online, much less IRL…ESPECIALLY TIMs. ⛔️

I don’t even work with pronouns in bio people. I don’t want their money. These kinds of people will be FAR from my social circle.

I have been job-hunting for most of a year and I have dipped my toe in briefly with some of these employers who bang on and on about "diversity, equity, and inclusion," but mostly because I was desperate; given a clear choice with a viable pay rate I would avoid them all like the plague. Not that I'm brilliant employee material but you know what I mean. To a company NONE of them care about women, paying us fairly, giving us single-sex spaces, protecting us against sexual harassment, etc. Such "diversity," they're all dick-panderers.

When I see shit like "TERFs don't interact", that's a sign for me to block THEM.

Love doing this. Or when I’m clearing out who I’m following on ig, if they have pronouns- it’s going to be a no from me.

For women specifically I to be very apprehensive and take a mental note every time I see the she/her thing, since I know so many of them are just doing what they were socialized to do and aren’t thinking twice about any of it. If it’s a she/them and she’s above, say, 20, it’s a no for me.

It definitely leaves a bad taste in my mouth, though.

Some of my very concerned about work promotion friends do this and two work in HR, so it's almost mandatory for them. Hardly doubt they think much on it except out of fear or 'it's the new thing'. Other than that, it's a hard pass for me.