They have to create strawmen because they can't refute actual GC points. They really are the whole circus.

I came here to write this comment but you already did!

They literally have to invent arguments. Like men are biologically superior? Women are walking wombs? Dude, we didn’t say that, YOU SAID THAT and it’s there for all to see!

Exactly! The only ones who equate higher physical strength and aggression with "superiority" are men 🤔

Yes, they can't win a single argument if they're being honest, all they can do is de-platform and "cancel" us before other people can't hear our rational and factual statements, and then attribute things we never said to us once we're gagged ("terfs want to commit genocide against babies!" "terfs are racist against black women!" "terfs are far right nazis!"). They've acknowledged how weak their ideology is because they don't even attempt to defend it.

I saw this in action in a video clip where a female lawyer was being questioned by some hard-right member of Congress and at first she answered his questions, but at some point he asked a question she didn't want to answer and you could almost see her brain switching gears and the next thing that came out of her mouth was this whole-ass tirade about how transphobic he was and how his questions would get trans people killed. Just answer the bloody question, lady. Questions don't do anything to anyone.

The whole "words are violence" thing is so much more dangerous than most of these people realize. They think it's just a trick to win reddit debates, but it serves to stifle free speech and justify actual physical violence against anyone who disagrees with you. Obligatory "free speech" doesn't mean there are no consequences if you threaten to kill someone or yell "fire" in a crowded venue, but making calm statements about biology and crime statistics was protected until very recently. Now you can be fired or imprisoned in parts of the world if you mention a well established fact that contradicts this religion.

They never actually read them. They only see and hear the filtered versions from biased sources.

And their sources are only bias because they’ve had their lives and job threatened if they don’t fall in line with the trans mafia and write papers validating them

They don’t listen and they just hear what they need to hear.

It’s funny how saying men and women are biologically different gets translated to ‘biologically superior’ by them.

What's bizarre is that by many measures, women are biologically "superior".

We live longer. We are less likely to die in infancy. The extra "leg" we get on the second X chromosome means a reduced risk of many inherited conditions such as colour blindness and haemophilia.

Men, on average, are larger with higher muscular strength. No one sane would deny this.

They think that acknowledging that patriarchy privileges male differences in general society is the same as thinking that males are superior.

[–] SakuraBlossoms she/TWAM 7 points

I don't think they are aware of our understanding that patriarchy favors male differences. As enforcers of the patriarchy, they themselves believe those male differences are more important and would make men superior, which is why they have to resort to science denialism to view women as equal under their own sexist standards. This is a sadly common take among libfems.

[–] Disappearanceoftheychromosomer ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) 1 points

True, the only way they can see men and women as equal is if the words means nothing and a man can be a woman.

[–] MenHaveItEasy Moid Respecter 19 points

I'm a female supremecist because it's a statistical fact that men use their bigger and stronger bodies to enact violence, war and abuse of women, kids and animals.

Die mad about it, moid. And don't shoot up any schools in the process.

If they were actually honest about what 'TERFs' believe, a lot of women would discover radical feminism, see that it isn't unreasonable, look further into it, and maybe even become a gender apostate.

And we wouldn't want that now, would we?

[–] Nixi 13 points

I always right in my responses "please respond to my words and not a strawman you have made up in your head" , I usually don't get a reply after that.

You can use logic and reality all you want but these people just want reasons to pretend they’re the worlds most oppressed of oppressed classes… and fulfil (and have others validate) their fetish.

[–] femlez34 7 points Edited

Yeah, woke people in general want to pretend they're the most oppressed so that they're allowed to bully people. TIMs in particular are incels who want to specifically bully, harass, and physically assault women without consequence. They've taken the woke belief that "my oppressor doesn't deserve respect" and made it "females (adults and children) are my oppressors, therefore females don't deserve rights, opportunities, free speech, respect, privacy, or safety". Other wokies are having trouble refuting them, because they don't want to admit that what they're doing in their own movements is wrong to an extent as well. It's more important to them to cling to their privileged "oppressed minority" status than it is to stand up to men who are victimizing women and children.

edited to add: further proof that TIMs are only in it to harass women is that whenever a man does something to a TIP, do the TIMs turn their anger on that man? No, they immediately turn it around on women! It's always the fault of some witch like JKR who must have cast a spell on the man and forced him to do it on her behalf. Did a "terf" ovarit user shoot up the night club? Of course not, but it's always turned around on us because they're not trying to help themselves, their only goal is to bash women.

[–] sohh 10 points

They’re whole movement relies on no one looking into their claims.

[–] SakuraBlossoms she/TWAM 3 points Edited

"males" are biologically different from "females"

"children" should not be trusted to make their own decisions about their body. All cosmetic procedures on adults should be done with informed consent. Performing a cosmetic procedure without informed consent is medical malpractice, which no one deserves to be the victim of.

intersex people are normal women and men with DSDs

non-white societies that have multiple genders do not erase the existence of sex, or make socially constructed sex stereotypes any less arbitrary or misogynistic.

"male humans" on average have been statistically significantly proven to be stronger than "female humans" on average. Only M/TRAs suggest this scientifically proven sexual dimorphism would make men superior. Female equality/superiority does not depend on science denialism.

"males" have equal or lower intellect compared to "females" [varies by radfem]

it's extremely offensive to suggest "females" are just walking wombs and vaginas, such as by using dehumanizing terms like womb-owner and vagina-haver instead "woman"

Comparing the alt right stances to our stances, it seems the TRA platform is a lot closer to that of the alt right. Unsurprising.