Please do not pretend gay men are actual allies to women. They have been some of the most vitriolic supporters of gender and are only now upset because they have to pretend that yaoi obsessed teen girls are gay males.

They threw lesbians completely under the bus and they will do so again the second it is in their favor to do so.

Curry their favor on this one issue, but do NOT pretend that they actually support or care about women.

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How gay men aren’t peaked instantly when they hear lesbians are once again pressured to have heterosexual sex is beyond me. We’re supposed to be allies to lesbians on this

I’m a gay male and my gay male friends are completely sucked into gender ideology. I hate that you’re right. We might not have a lot in common with lesbians culturally but we’re supposed to have each other’s backs on this

It amazes me that more gay men haven't peaked yet. One of the first conversations I had on this issue was with a couple gay friends while hanging out at their pool. We agreed together that LGB shouldn't be grouped with the T while my straight female friend was on and on about the Trans discourse. I think we managed to plant a seed of thought in her mind at least. I went away from that conversation thinking this would be the feeling of most gay men, turns out I was wrong lol. I mean surely gay men don't think that a flesh tube made of forearm is the same as a penis, so why do they go along with it?

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No offense but gay men have shown repeatedly that they are MEN before they are ANYTHING else, and that not only will they abuse and exploit lesbians to get their way, they will abuse and exploit ALL women for their own kicks.

Some of the most repulsive misogyny I've ever seen has come from gay men, and one of the most horrific industries of female exploitation and abuse (surrogacy) is upheld culturally by gay men...

Gay men have never, ever been allies to women.

I just thought it was funny, is all

Sorry if my response came off as aggressive in this context towards you.

Thinking gay men are allies to women is just a mistake I see lots of women and feminists make. Hell, I was guilty of it until all of my gay male acquaintances turned on me when I didn't hide the fact that I was a proud TERF.

Men will consolidate power around themselves and protect patriarchal norms even if they are the lowest class of males - look at incels as an example. Gay men will happily sacrifice any woman they can if it means they gain some kind of clout. Heck, most of them have been reveling in all of the TQIA press coverage because they thought the benefits would extend to them, only to find out that... sad trombone noise

When the T in the LGBT is so fucked up and corrupted that even the G doesn't like where things are going.

Even if gay men don’t care about women, they should absolutely stand against gender ideology since it is appallingly homophobic. Being homosexual (or heterosexual for that matter) is not a “genital preference” and to suggest it is is horribly offensive to all the lesbians and gay men and bisexuals who have been persecuted for their sexual orientation.

I’m glad these men have been paying attention.

Yeah, just, genderborg are not EXTREME RADICAL LEFTIST. They are not leftist AT ALL.

I keep saying this. Gender identitarianism and misogyny are not leftist positions.