“Interviewer: Another claim we often hear is that the New Zealand model is the best legal approach to protecting the safety, rights and health of people who sell sex – do you agree with this claim?

Chelsea Geddes: No. Not even slightly. Not at all. There’s no safety in prostitution and especially not when buyers and pimps are decriminalised so you can’t make complaints because the police will do nothing.

Prostitution involves the sale of human rights that are supposed to be inalienable – the right to not endure torture or sexual harassment, abuse, violence and rape; the right to free expression and to fair and favourable work conditions.

All of these are missing for prostituted people and there’s no deterrent for any abusive practices or treatment of prostituted people because there’s no law enforcement against any of the people involved. Police don’t go after anyone here for any kind of involvement in prostitution whatsoever.” – Chelsea Geddes

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