This has to be the thing I hate the most from the gender movement: they're pathological liars, and they think everyone is stupid.

Because seriously, who is stupid enough to believe that lesbians and gays were not leading the gay rights movement?

Who is stupid enough to not only ignore Marsha P. Johnson's own words, but also to think that gay rights began and ended at Stonewall?

And who is freaking naive to believe that men who crossdress for sexual thrills care about anything other than their fetish? That they would do anyone else some favours?

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It feels exactly the same as the "id pol positive representation" movement where characters are formulated around their various oppressed identity markers and made into the central character of the story, with the rest of the plot and all other characters warped around this person, to make them out to be the most interesting (while at the same time the writing is god-awful and the character lacks any depth and dimension).

It's like they're writing fanfiction of themselves, with trans women as the Mary Sue, and it's actual lesbian and gay and women's history they are writing this fan fiction about, putting "trans and queer" in the protagonist role. Anyone who pushes back on this self-aggrandising re-write is "attacking" them and doing "violence" because their very self-image is being assaulted!! Just shut up and take it as we re-write your own narrative in order to centre ourselves as the most oppressed hero!

I know people are throwing around "narcissist" all over the place - but my god, it's textbook narcissist stuff.

What is the “I’d pol positive representation” movement? (I’m sure I’ll regret asking).

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Identity politics + positive representation = awful eye-rolling schlock like 'Anne With An E' (Anne of Green Gables remake) wherein Anne is turned into a modern feminist who hates pretty clothes and cooking and anything domestic (in total opposition to her characterisation in the book) - and wants instead to be a journalist reporting on the plight of the local Native American community while examining her white privilege. A large segment of the show given over to "queer" representation, with a whole cast of "queer" characters invented out of whole cloth, while actual characters from the original book get limited to no screen time. I was particularly amused when they uprooted Anne's love interest, destroyed the love story almost entirely (the thing readers of the books adore the most lmao) and took the guy on an adventure away from the rest of the cast aboard a ship with a newly-created black character who becomes his friend and teacher, giving Gilbert opportunity to learn about his white privilege as well...

(Sorry, my hatred of 'Anne With An E' coming out there - just a recent example of woke destroying all it touches that came to mind)

To be fair, cross-dressers and transwomen, including and especially prostitutes, had had their own pre-Stonewall "riot" at Compton's Cafeteria in SF in 1966, in response to constant police harassment. I don't think much came of it in terms of consistent public lobbying for trans rights, though, in the way that the Stonewall riot helped focus and promote gay rights sentiments and activities, but I don't know enough about it to say for sure. And, in any case, that is no justification for this revision of history in which the role of gay men and lesbians in GAY rights campaigning is deliberatley obscured.

Also before Stonewall and around the time of Compton’s was the Black Cat response to police harassment. This involved drag queens, and I think gay men lesbians and a few straight people. Basically, it all began in California. New Yorkers generally think everything centers on Manhattan. (There’s a great line in the Stephen Sondheim musical GYPSY about this tendency).

I forgot to mention that the Black Cat incident was in Los Angeles.

It honestly has the same energy as "Men gave Women the vote"

With that subtle "we can take it away if you don't behave"

Gay rights wouldn't have gone anywhere if lesbians hadn't kicked pedophiles out of the movement.

In every country the gay rights movement has to fight to overcome that association. For example in Russian the word for gay man also means pedophile.

TIMs are just the next generation of perverts trying to latch onto the LGB movement to legitimize their fetish.

Gay rights wouldn't have gone anywhere if lesbians hadn't kicked pedophiles out of the movement.

People don't like to acknowledge this because they don't want to lean into the gay=pedo stereotypes. But its absolutely true. Lesbians had to work hard to force the kiddy diddlers out of the movement. Lesbain activists predicted that some assholes would eventually try to get "pedophile" legitimized as a sexual orientation on par with being gay/lesbian. And, sadly, they were correct

Always been around but conveniently not until everyone else set up organizations

Very true. Not too many TIMs fighting to be seen as women before they could vote and were seen as property.

Even if Marsha Johnson did throw a brick, so what?

Even if he was a transsexual and not a “gay boy” like he says on video, so what?

Like gay rights never would have taken off?

The problem is, these TRAs have to be stupid and/or suspend common sense to hold their beliefs.

So they assume everyone else will too

One of the worst fucking things talking to hardcore lefties (and I’m a leftie) is when they start going on about how instrumental the T was in LGB history something something Marsha p Johnson. You can’t argue with them about it because twans women have always been so important as far as theyre concerned

I'm just waiting for leftists to claim that TIMs were also instrumental in abolishing slavery and ending Jim Crowe. They're already claiming that all pre-colonial POCs had no conception of biological sex until The White Man explained it to them. So why not claim that the civil rights movement was won by some dude in a dress?

Trans people also freed the slaves, invented sliced bread, stopped Hitler, invented the internet, ended Jim Crowe and Segregation, got gay marriage passed, etc...🙄

Is the end all be all that God himself is trans?! :o

Damn it, I mean herself? Itself? Theyself?!!! ahhhhhhhhhh