I've been spending a lot of time reading through trans related subs on Reddit to get an idea of what trans people are going through. I have seen so many nasty, hateful, and even violent comments from trans people against cis people and especially against women they label "terfs." I haven't seen one single comment from a non-trans person threatening trans people. The trans people in the subs keep talking about how cis people and terfs want to destroy them and wipe them off the face of the earth, but I never see comments like that. I only see trans people being ultra nasty to anyone who disagrees with them. They seem to be the ones who are being very unkind.

The thing is, if it were put to women to vote on whether we wanted TIMs in our single sex spaces, the result would be a resounding no. The majority of women are Terfs. The things they say about terfs are things they are basically directing at women in general

I completely agree with you! I think most older women are definitely against TIMs in single sex spaces and probably a lot of younger ones are too. It's not out of hatred. It's about feeling comfortable and safe ourselves. So many women are victims of harassment and assault by men, that we want to feel safe in locker rooms, in restrooms, and in other places that are just for women. It's not a slight against TIMs. It's about us. Trans people want to be respected and feel safe and so do women. The way it's being blown up and called transphobia or other horrific allegations is just wrong and it denies women basic considerations as humans.

It’s not even about feeling safe or unsafe. It’s about being unsafe. The presence of men in women’s spaces is a danger to us, and particularly when those men are sexual perverts parading their misogyny in public.

its a slap in the face that they think being a woman is a costume, its all based on their own toxic masculinity that their brothers have not given each other the freedoms women have gained in terms of clothing and behaviour. I really do think we have it better, but its not our problem if they get beaten up by other men for wearing high heels.

they should sort out their own problems and leave us out of it, but then if it was accepted by men that others "cross dress" in public would so many of them want to do it? would their thrill go away as its no longer something anyone cares about.

I haven't seen one single comment from a non-trans person threatening trans people.

One of my posts was picked up by GenderCynical because I said I had a handgun in my purse for the event in which I am attacked in a bathroom, etc. This was perceived as a threat.

Let me restate that: a woman being willing to defend herself is a threat to men who want access to rape women.

Yeah, they'll twist anything a woman says to fit their agenda. GenderCynical and TransgenderCircleJerk are two of the worst subs for that. GenderCynical regularly takes posts from Ovarit and doesn't block out usernames. They say the most horrific, misogynistic things about women too. Reddit is perfectly ok with them speaking about women that way, but heaven forbid you call yourself a biological woman and you'll be banned for good. Btw, if you do see a post on there from Ovarit without the names blocked out, you can report it for "personal information" and Reddit usually removes them.

exactly, they just want their victim status. it doesn't really exist so they have to pretend people disagreeing with them is persecution. most disagreements are put to them in a civil manner. they can't even deal with the fact that people might be thinking that they aren't brave and strong women/men, even though at least for the AGPs they probably know damn well they aren't.

The most alarming thing too is that you can't even discuss differing opinions about this in a civil manner. I'm not even allowed to say I'm a biological woman on Reddit without getting banned. That's just not ok. These issues need to be discussed, otherwise non-trans people are not being respected. That means Reddit and its employees are acting in a way that is discriminatory towards non-trans people. That means my thoughts, my beliefs, my knowledge is being censored by that company to appease a very tiny minority of people who believe differently than I do. Discussing these issues is not hatred, it's not transphobia, and it should never be labeled as such. I think social media sites are doing a real disservice to trans people by insulating them in a cocoon of possibly untruthful information. It's certainly a disservice to non-trans people who can't even express their own thoughts and feelings. There needs to be civil discourse.

You would think that TIPs would be smart enough to know that making non-trans people angry is a bad strategy. TIPs have already lost the political right, so they need to keep the left happy. After all, most “terfs” are left wing, and more and more liberal have come out against blockers, hormones and surgeries for children. Liberals are mainly against TIMs in women’s sports. Pretty soon TIPs will only have about 10 percent of the TRA fanatics on their side. So keep it up TIPs, drive away most Americans and see what happens.

Same. I did a lot of reading before I came to my conclusions. I found that to be exactly the same case.

And anything and everything that doesn’t perfectly validate their delusions at any expense is “transphobic”. Everything. Is transphobic. Even other trans are called TERFS.

Yep! That's exactly what I've found too. Before the TRA movement started blowing up in the past few years, I had so much sympathy for transgender people. I have a cousin who is transgender. I worked with a few TIFs. I watched lots of documentaries about the issue and tried to read up as much as I could. I really wanted to learn about it and understand it. But as soon as I started noticing that TIMs were demanding to say they are women and there are no differences between them and biological women and wanting to be in spaces that have always been exclusively for women, I started feeling very uncomfortable. Then when websites like Reddit and Twitter were banning any type of discourse about the issues and silencing women from speaking about their own personal views, I knew something was off. Of course, then I started noticing the threats against terfs and the attacks on women at women's rallies. Then it became a problem. Trans people weren't just asking for equal rights, they were demanding to infringe on the rights of women and that is not ok. And of course, like you said, anything that challenges their unrealistic beliefs is considered "transphobic." Anyone who points out basic realities is labeled a "terf" and attacked relentlessly. I have no doubt trans people face very challenging lives and there are people who won't accept them, but they are also attacking people, especially women, and causing deep harm to us through their words and actions. They need to accept responsibility for their own actions and respect other people the same way they want other people to respect them.

TIMs believe we have "cis privilege". From our cis privileged position, we annihilate what they call their "identity" when we state: "You are not women. You will never be women. You are men, the same as all other men. You cannot be us."

In their minds, this attack on their identity is made somehow equivalent to, say, a white person saying something profoundly racist.

That is why there is stating reality on the one side (men and women are different, women do not want to play along and pretend these men are women, women and children need protection from men because of xyz reason, women require our own single-sex spaces, our own language to describe ourselves) - and then on the other side, there is narcissistic rage-filled meltdown. A primal scream of masculine rage and hatred.

They are the nastiest bunch of people... I became aware of this cause I wondered why so many people were being so absolutely horrible to JKR.

Of course, they are so awful and so desperate precisely because their ideology is bs. Simply disagreeing with them shakes the very foundations of themselves. The identity that they've built from a pile of rotting sticks.

It comes across to me as just straight up narcissistic rage.

I don't want kind I want respect

I want acknowledgement from the trans army that men can pretend that they are women all day if they chose but knowing full well that they will never become women.

The constant browbeating and threats to demand that people are not seeing the naked emperor when every last one of us know that men will never become women and that the TRA emperors are walking around truly naked.

Society has gone off the deep end on the entire trans narrative. We must claw back women’s rights inch by inch. To do so, women must stop being nice and admit that the trans emperors are butt-naked. No more pretending.

No they can't pretend to be a woman its as offensive as pretending to be a different race. if they want to wear make up and dresses they can work on that with their brothers and leave us alone, just as we progressed to being allowed to not wear make up and wear trousers.

woman is taken, it means an adult human female they can't steal other peoples identities like a cuckoo.

“Pretend” as in old-school transvestites. They knew it was a paraphilia.