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If either of the two powers maintaining the patriarchal system think your feminism is beneficial to them, it's not beneficial to you.

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This is the best way to phrase it. Nothing that helps my oppressors helps me.

Amen! If any large group of scrotes is cheering you on, you're doing it wrong

As long as we live in a patriarchal society, this is pure truth.

You can’t even argue with it, maybe one side is a little worse than the other but it’s all unquantifiable. How can you assign a number to how gender laws affect you vs. anti abortion? They’re both terrible for women.

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Truly truly! For a woman like me who plans on never copulating I am more likely to be negatively affected by transgenderist laws that allows males to have access to female spaces than by abortion since my chances of getting pregnant are 0% unless a forced copulation were to happen...

Or somehow I got pregnant though parthenogenesis which doesn't seem to be a thing for humans yet but mice are already doing it... I think it would be lovely to have a daughter by parthenogenesis but dunno if I would go though with it even if it becomes possible for humans...

In any event abortion is legal where I live for rape pregnancies and there are no politicians here wanting to take that right so I don't worry much about that and besides there are tutorials to make abortion pills on the Internet too : https://ovarit.com/test/o/FeministVideos/112146/anarchist-collective-shares-instructions-to-make-diy-abortion-pills

Yeah, I have no interest in having children either. And abortion isn’t even an issue in Canada, so the gender cult is more of a threat to me.

But I definitely feel for the Americans fighting for abortion rights.

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… at least one of them isn’t trying to strip away abortion and contraception access.

The right: “women should be sold as property to the highest bidder and bred. If they die during pregnancy/childbirth I guess it was gods will…”

The left: ~gender nonsense~

Yep these two are TOTALLY the same…

And your argument is totally fair and balanced, and I'm sure representative of... Literally no one else.

There doesn’t need to be “fair and balanced” when one side has LITERALLY taken away abortion rights for many women. Do you have some faux news to go back to?

I’m very left wing but your characterization of the right wing is just too much.

You could have at least went with an overblown left winger to make it balanced.

You’re either stupid then or not paying attention

I don’t think very many right wing politicians are actually saying that part out loud though lol