"If men could get pregnant, abortion would be a sacrament." -- Florynce Kennedy

It's why it's so heinous to use people here. If men were getting abortions they'd probably be getting five fives for doing so.

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Yes, and it would be heavily punished to impregnate someone against their will!

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If men could get pregnant, you would also be able to get an abortion at Guitar Center.

I did this on facebook on an ad about abortion for people who need abortions, I didnt even mention trans people once and I ended up with a thread of handmaidens 200 comments long calling me out on my "transphobia" and calling me a bigot. I also got 4 friend requests from fellow terfs though so theres something. I kept asking the handmaidens why they couldn't leave me alone and go campaign to have inclusive language alongside that of the word woman instead of bullying a womens rights advocate - none of them responded with anything other than trying to shame me into silence.

That's like the text I got yesterday from the ACLU:

"ACLU: Choose people's rights on Giving Tuesday. Trans rights, voting, abortion, & all."

Then it asked me for money lmao.

People's rights? Giving Tuesday??

Text back with "I don't believe in people's rights. I'm for cat's rights. Also, Donation Tuesday*; the day in which the university has to donate to my tuition payments. Thank you."

Giving Tuesday was probably made with noble intentions; on the heels of Black Friday/Cyber Monday, donate to a charity after splurging on crap for yourself. Okay, except do not exploit people’s natural goodwill to give money to a multi-million dollar organization that’s pushing their pet project.

I have a boatload of student debt, but a real working class person would get that text and explode. Having trouble paying your rent or electricity bills? Boss sexually harassing you at work? Don’t worry, the ACLU couldn’t give a shit about your rights, only “trans rights” (male privileges).

"In honor of Giving Tuesday, ACLU has elected to give your rights to transwomen :) Happy Giving Tuesday everyone."

I'm worse off than working class. Didn't explode, rolled my eyes. It's more like, "Honey, if you want me to scratch your back, mine's awfully itchy and you've been promising for YEARS."

I have had a lot of female health problems this year and it’s sickening many articles I’ve read are using this “people with a cervix” “people who were AFAB” language. It’s EVERYWHERE. We really need to ask why this fringe movement to control language has had such sweeping success.

So yeah I agree with this take.

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What really grind my gears is when they say, "But not all women have a cervix!" FSS, yes, I know. Which is why the correct language would be, " Women who have a cervix," because all people who have a cervix are women.


well well well, look at Ms. 95% fancy pants here 😅

This is a great idea. Chip away at the ideology wherever and however we can.

OT but so many mobile screenshots have battery at <5% and i get massive second hand anxiety about it so thank you whoever took this for not doing that!

I took it, and totally can relate... my friend constantly takes screenshots with like 2% battery and the low power mode not on and I instantly panic lollllll. Glad I’m not the only one who is like this 🤣

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There are scientific articles you can send or give them suggestions that the messaging is inefficient in a more effective way. Consistently enough they'll change

It’s important for them to see resistance. I replied in 5 seconds with what came to mind first. I don’t have time to try to convince them by looking up articles... especially when there’s no guarantee that the text isn’t automated or that I’ll get a reply.