In the animal kingdom, males are expendable. Males sacrifice everything just to get a chance to mate.

Look at some birds, females are well camouflaged while males are brightly coloured just to attract a mate. Makes them much easier to spot by predators.

In some great apes, there’s just one male who mates with all the females, passing on his superior genes while the rest of the males get nothing.

These are just some examples. Not even getting into the fact that only having 1 X chromosome has several disadvantages.

It makes me think that early humans had a matriarchy and the beta males all banded together to ensure a patriarchal system of religion was set up.

How anyone could think that “god” would have a sex and that sex would be male, I have no idea. Obviously never studied genetics or biology, female is the default and more important.

The Y chromosome is factually a defective X chromosome. I swear, any negative thing men say about women always, always, always ends up being projection. Fucking biology itself disagrees when men claim that women are the defective humans.

You would not believe how badly the men in my family reacted when I told my niece and nephew that everyone starts out as a girl. You'd think I told them that I don a purple strap on and fuck glory holes for fun.

Men are so fucking fragile. I swear their entire sex and history is just one massive case of DARVO bc they are so emotional and illogical

I read some scientific study that the Y chromosome is supposed to completely disappear at some point. In like a million years from now. Sad part is because of mainly man and their destruction of the world the human species probably won’t make it to a million years from now.

My gut tells me that a million years is wishful thinking on the part of some male scientist.

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Read anything in climate science and you'll see a repeated phrase, "Faster than expected." We don't have an additional million years for homo sapiens. Nice to know you, it's been a good 200ky

Well yeah. If they all dropped dead tomorrow, women would still be able to forward humanity. If men were left alone? Total annihilation. Also, retirement communities...mostly women. The Y chromosome is not robust. Their upper body strength can only take them so far. Like if they want to cheat in female sports. Everything else? Meh.

I have never heard anyone ever say women are defective

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It was popularized by Aristotle and a lot of patriarchal thinkers referenced him ever since.

Not to mention that medicine ignores us and treats us as defective men. That is when they aren’t assuming we’re exaggerating drama queens. The idea of females as defective males is ground so deeply into everyone’s consciousness that nobody would think to articulate it directly it is considered so obvious. That is what we’re up against, not what is stated directly but the beliefs that aren’t even noticed. We don’t even notice them half the time; the Second Wave spent a lot of time explicating these ideas because they are so ingrained.

David Attenborough: Despite the reduced size and utility of the inferior "Y chromosome", it will attempt to display superiority and dominance over the obviously intact and superior "X chromosome". All attempts will fail and thus, it must use violence and threats to maintain a false sense of security in an ever growing dominance female of the species. A truly remarkable and desperate attempt at survival is taking place, before our very eyes.

Funny how all the textbooks show the y as being just as big as the X.

Great point. You know if it was the other way around, every elementary school kid would be aware of the size difference between the two...

Yeah, I've always seen it depicted as equal in size, just a different shape. I had no idea this was how it really looked

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Do they? I've alws seen it drawn stubby—half length or a lil less. Not quite the extreme ratio shown here, but, i've never ever seen a rendering of them the same size (or even all that close).

Besides, if they did that, how would they possibly account for there being so many more X-linked than Y-linked conditions? Colorblindness, hemophilia, etc

LOL why do they even call it the Y chromosome? They should call it the splodge chromosome.

Whenever a man gives you a hard time, just remember that that’s what he has for a chromosome. XD

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ours is bigger than theirs... :P

literally an incomplete mutated x, the poor thing. (literally, males as a sex are disabled in quite real senses)

They're so dumb they actually think the world revolves around them. Hahahahahaha. Puny human males.

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Leaving this here again, ha.

OMG thank you this is amazing!

[...] Men also lack women's longevity and survivability. With the loss of a second X chromosome they lost superior fat storage (cellulite is a secondary sex characteristic) that helps women survive faminines 20% longer, they lost a stronger immune system and are much more susceptible to disease and infection, and their elevated testosterone burns up their cardiovascular abilities years faster than in women. Men who compete in marathons actually age a decade faster than women who compete at the same level. Heart attacks are several times more likely in men than women.

In fact, in most mammals, females live 15 to 22% longer than males. In humans, women have a life expectancy that is 6 years longer than men. And this is accounting for the sheer number of women and girls that are killed early by men. These are the raw numbers even after all the violence and the ways men kill us silently year after year, because we know that the mental toll of abuse, isolation, and stress from mistreatment from men takes years off our lives. Imagine how much greater the gap is, how many more years women would naturally live longer than men if 4% of the female population world wide wasn't missing, if husbands and fathers and brothers didn't treat their female family members like garbage. Or if women's health issues weren't 20 years behind mens! I'm guessing that gap really should be 10 or even 15 years! Possibly longer.

By design, humans have evolved for the females of the species to guide and lead our families long past the end of reproductive capacity. Men do not go through menopause, because they aren't designed by nature to survive several decades past their prime like women do. Their organs are continuously broken down by testosterone levels much higher than women's, long after their sperm is no longer viable. If either one of the sexes was designed by nature to be breeding stock, it is males. Women are default, women are the builders of life and society and culture, and patriarchal religions were invented as a way for the males of the species to cope with this reality. The idea of humans being separate from nature is to distance humankind from the fact that almost all intelligent mammalian species are matriarchal. This is where society went wrong.

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Society thinks that women came after men

The Genesis creation story has a lot to answer for here. Eve made from Adam's rib and all that shyt

Sometimes I think about that a man is a woman without boobs, his nipples useless

this sentence, taken by itself, skates dangerously close to "[post-op] trans men are men" 😶 smh

True, taken out of context it can totally read like that (if one has spent too much time online 👀). But here it's more a tongue-in-cheek reversal of the usual "ayy, women are small men with tits".

Yes, male egoists of time immemorial (and by implication now when they say 'Just train harder!' ) have studied women from the perspective that we are defective men and mere vessels for their seed😠.

Well, L 🤣O😂L what meagre seed it is, from this picture.

OT: 🤔My very first thoughts given the picture, the title, and being Irish was 'Is this some sort of seasonal taste-off between a Kimberly's mikado and a Caffrey's Snowball?

(Snowball for the win for me...usually)