I'm going to start identifying as trans.

I'll contact congressmen, sign petitions, send emails, write essays saying that I am trans.

As a trans woman I do not believe we belong in women's shelters and prisons, the mere idea of it makes me dysphoric.

But apparently WE’RE the ones conflating sex and gender? facepalm

I love how he turned off replies because he knew how fucking stupid this was but still all the quote tweets are pointing out that in encouraging this he's actually erasing transwomen from the data.. πŸ€”πŸ€”

if he was female he wouldn't be transgender. these people aren't delusional, they're calculated and diabolical

Hear, hear. I side-eye the claim that these men are mentally ill. Some might be, but overall? They are evil. They’re no more to be explained - or, by implication, pitied or excused - by mental illness than any other MRAs.

So hes saying that he intentionally filed out the census incorrectly? Surely THAT is fineable?

it definitely is, and since he was stupid enough to publicly admit to it hopefully the ONS will see the amount of tags they're getting in this tweet and decide to hold him accountable

At least the US Census didn't fall prey to this.

We'll see what happens next time. I sincerely hope the gender craze is over by 2030.

So the census - aggregate data used to predict medical needs, among other things - will conclude there are no trans people in the UK?

As a TRA said in another context "enjoy your erasure".