I love that idea! I'd rather be in a room with a bunch of "not all snakes" than "not all men" :) Snakes are kind of cute and typically give you fair warning to avoid them

A good third of them would be venomous as that is the percentage of men who said they’d rape if they could get away with it.

I came here to say I think there are a higher percentage of dangerous men than there are of venomous snakes.

Also in this thought experiment we need some of the non-venomous snakes to either mimic the behavior of the venomous snakes or constantly be slightly dick-ish while saying "at least I'm not venomous."

One snake hisses and bares its fangs, but backs away at the last second "as a joke." Another snakes hisses and rattles it's tale, then excuses itself by saying "it's not like I bit you." One more snake bites, but isn't highly venomous, and says "what happened wasn't even that bad; you're just being dramatic. Get over it."

Reminds me of the analogy with the m&ms in a bowl and 10% of them are poison. I like this one better because I love snakes :)

What were you wearing when the snake bit you? Did you lead the snake on? Why didn't you fight back?

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“If a man really didn’t enjoy being bitten by the snake, something in his body shuts and the venom doesn’t get through. So antidotes should be forbidden”.


We make them walk down a sidewalk with snakes crawling on each side. When they lose their shit we tell them “most of them are harmless! I doubt there really are even that many that are poisonous. Honestly it’s probably only one or two and the chances of that one even getting close to you are so low...okay go babe!”

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And then when one of them gets bitten by a poisonous snake, someone comes to him and says “well, what did you expect, why were you walking among snakes to begin with? Of course you were bitten, look at what you were wearing, short socks! Well it’s the snake’s nature, is it fair that a poor animal acting out of instinct has to be put down because you poor judgement?”

"If you didn't want to get bitten, you should have waited to go out until it was cold. You should have worn tall, thick boots. What were you even doing in a snake-infested area of town?"

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And #notallmushrooms, lmao. You can only eat mushrooms to survive.

Though I do feel like it would be easier to tell other non-human things apart by species..

Lol this is a really fun idea but tbh we don't even need animal analogies. Throw those pathetic incels in a room filled with huge men, some of them having bloodsoaked criminal records, and see if they can let their guard down just to be kind.

Throw them with a bunch of black mambas and say "not all black mambas are aggressive"

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