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Jarvis DuPont is a satirical character created by a woman, for people who don’t know. He’s a national treasure.

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That it was created by a woman is the one thing I didn’t know. Glad to hear 😀.

Half of this bunch is friends with very sexist self-appointed “right wing comedians” whom I met in person and had professional issues with that escalated to the organisation of comedy festivals.

EDIT: Ooooh! SO Lisa Graves is the creator AND she created Godfrey Elfwick too? Awesome! I love both characters! And was unsure that the Lisa twitter handle I follow and love was an actual person 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️.

Can't believe (I mean, I can, who are we kidding here) that Twitter banned Jarvis, Godfrey and Lisa, and didn't ban Titania McGrath or Andrew Doyle. Not saying it because I want the latter to be banned, but the fact that all 3 accounts from Lisa, who's a woman, got banned, and the man survived intact, hmm....

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...but the fact that all 3 accounts from Lisa, who's a woman, got banned, and the man survived intact, hmm....

I wasn't aware that those accounts were all run by one woman. But it wouldn't surprise me if that was why they were purged from Twitter. They hate it when women get uppity and express opinions that aren't corporate approved

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Dude what the actual fuck is wrong with. People?

Edit: wait, I read on. This has to be satire, right? Haha my bad

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Haha yes, Jarvis Dupont is a satirical fictional character (like Titania McGrath) who was permanently banned from Twitter after he decided he was a trans woman. The satire tab of The Spectator tends to be really good.

But you can't tell if it's satire or not anymore. And I can totally see that ME ME ME Meghan Markle announcing her child is trans to up her popularity score.

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Is bashing Meghan really necessary? No one knows the truth about what happened except the family.

She could use her fame and camera time to stand up for women at this time when we are being legally erased. I have no time for self-absorbed celebrity women who aren't using that camera time to stop our erasure.

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naaaaaaaasty. imagine actually adopting the transparently misogynistic nickname given to Meghan for acting like her own life was worth saving from suicidal depression. how very dare she! doesn't she know as a female she must constantly be giving of herself to others according to their demands until the day she dies?

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Holy shit, I can't believe there are actually women here screeching and demanding she set herself on fire to keep others warm. She has to "prove" herself every single fucking day, apparently, and even that won't be enough.

Users like the one above won't be happy until she's finally dead. THEN they'll believe she was depressed, maybe. In all likelihood they'll say she killed herself for attention.

I honestly can't think of ONE bad thing she's ever done. Not one. But she's apparently self absorbed, mean, and evil? Why? For not playing pretend with a fake smile welded to her face? For not being a smiling, dutiful, silent womb like Kate Middleton?

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Sadly, I couldn't finish reading the article as I ran out of "free views" but lord it could have been serious

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Worry not, here it is:

Before I begin, let me get one thing straight: I am not a racist. Therefore, anything negative I say in this article is aimed exclusively at Harry, NOT Meghan. I would never dream of criticizing a strong independent WoC and everything Meghan has done in her life so far, and will achieve in the future, is empowering — and a direct result of either her own inner strength, or the systemic racism she has faced while navigating the stormy seas of prejudice.

Good, now that’s out of the way, I shall get to the plant-based meat substitute of this article. The Oprah interview was nothing short of Earth-shattering. As a Brit myself (although I inwardly apologize for this every damn day), the impact Meghan’s truth has had on us as a nation has been immense. Obviously the most talked about aspect of the interview was the heart-breaking revelation that someone, perhaps in the royal household, at some point (maybe?) said something about Archie’s skin color, possibly. Of course, Meghan being the dignified kween that she is, refused to give any details, stating it was something she didn’t feel comfortable doing. Meghan and Harry’s main goal was to stress to the potential billions of viewers during a widely promoted and hyped across several weeks interview with Oprah Winfrey, how important it was for them to be allowed privacy so it’s understandable that Meghan would only wish to impart the very remotest of hints. Likewise, when Harry was then asked by Oprah what was said about Archie, he also refused to dignify the subject of his wife’s vague accusation by embellishing any further. But we know for definite that a thing was said. We don’t know what was said. Or who said it. Or why it was said. Or in what context. Or when. All we know for certain it that it was racist. It honestly disgusted me to hear Harry enigmatically imply that such a horrifyingly racist thing (whatever it was) had been said, and the media thankfully felt just as strongly about something they had no evidence or even tangible information of as I did.

All of that said however, I was hugely disappointed with Harry. Yes, he’s in a relationship with a mixed-race woman. Yes he’s a minority himself (ginger). Yes, he has been bullied all of his life by a family who showered him with toxic privilege and riches he never asked for. But in no way does that exonerate him from the heinous and archaic mistake he made halfway through this interview. I thought he was a progressive. I had assumed Meghan had shown him her wokelights. But sadly, no. Revealing the gender of your child before she/him/they has had a chance to work that out for theirselves is appallingly irresponsible. I had given them the benefit of the doubt with Archie and hoped that perhaps during an ultrasound scan, the fetus had given them some indication of ‘his?’ preferred pronouns. But alas, I no longer think that plausible.

So many impressionable young people, babies, and toddlers will be influenced by this event. Even now, gender-questioning infants will be confused by what they heard. The suicide rate of trans toddlers will increase. Nonbinary babies will be feeling their existence dangerously invalidated right now. For Harry to announce to the world that this child is a girl before first waiting to see whether or not they like to wear dresses and play with princess toys is terrifying. We are on the verge of breaking through so many boundaries in regards to how we see gender. As a social construct, gender is more than actual biology. It’s about stereotypes and a preference for pink or blue. For all Harry and Meghan know, child #2 may very well enjoy football and construction toys. How embarrassed will they feel then to have assumed his gender in front of Oprah and the world?

During the interview, Meghan very poignantly and without a hint of narcissism compared herself to Ariel in Disney’s The Little Mermaid. Saying that, like Ariel, she met a prince, fell in love, made a deal with a sea witch who transformed her tail into legs, and lost her voice. I’m sure we can all appreciate the similarity here, but alas, I fear perhaps that Meghan may have also lost her empathy towards trans mermaids (not actual mermaids — I use this term in the context of the previous sentence) like myself 🙁

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No wonder she wants to kill herself.

You're an absolutely lovely, caring, empathetic person who is overflowing with solidarity for other women.


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I know this is a parody, but the fact that TRAs and their allies don't generally push for this sort of thing is evidence that most of them don't really believe in this ideology deep down. I've never seen any celebrity receive any backlash, even from the wokest of the woke, for announcing their baby's sex. Why not? Isn't it inaccurate, outdated, and transphobic to "assign" a gender to a baby on the basis of their genitals?

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Oh, don’t you know? It’s ok because the baby was not born yet. The gender is assigned AT BIRTH, meaning that throughout the whole gestation up until labor, the baby is a genderless blob of meat.

If you think of it, for someone who hates JKR so much and calls Harry Potter transphobic, couldn’t TRAs find a “sCiEnCe” explanation of how gender works that wasn’t literally doctors applying the Selector Hat to “assign” a gender to the newborn?

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I always figured TRAs don't push for this more because they know it'll peak more people. I always roll my eyes when a celebrity trans ally announces their new baby is a boy or girl, because it shows they know male=boy and female=girl.

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I came into this post expecting something totally different, sleeves pushed up and angry face on-- but I'm pleasantly surprised lol

Thanks for posting this!

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Ooooh, I love Titania McGrath so glad to find another satirist!

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Try Godfrey Elfwick too, it's another character from the same woman who created Jarvis Dupont, Lisa Graves.

Unsurprisingly, Twitter banned both Jarvis and Godfrey's accounts, but kept Titania McGrath (created by a man).

I'm so sad that I'm not surprised at all to hear this . . .

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here is a good article where Andrew Doyle (Titania's creator) interviews Lisa Graves on the deletion of her character's Twitter account once it shifted from satire of white privilege to satire of gender woowoo:


It's actually great:

‘Jarvis gradually blossomed into a stunning and brave trans woman’, she explains. ‘Originally he was intended to take the piss out of ridiculous woke hipsters, the same ilk of sanctimonious cretins who run Twitter, but it’s difficult to gain respect from your woke peers if you don’t harbour some kind of woe-is-me victimhood complex. The trans-rights stuff has really taken off as a contender in the Victimbucks Olympics, so this encouraged him / her to become a woman.’

The account interacted with Laurence Fox, who got in on the joke, and Pink News ran an article that reads Laurence Fox – the white man who thinks racism is ‘boring’ – is now deliberately misgendering a fictional trans woman