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me: i should check out what exactly Rowling said about trans people. I haven't seen it yet but it must be truly awful for people to get so upset about it. I'm sure it's really bad

also me: wait... that's it? but....

Some well-meaning friends of mine were chatting on Discord about how sad it was that Rowling turned out to be a bigot. I expressed curiosity and asked them to link me what she said that was so bad.

They were sure they'd be able to find her bigoted words for me in just a sec, but the more they searched the more they kept finding comments that...actually weren't bad at all.

They'd link to one of the tweets that got negative attention and I'd be like, "Okay, that one doesn't sound bad though, there must have been context that made it worse?" And they'd be like, "Oh yeah, definitely, let me find it." But then come up empty.

Finally they resorted to reading the essay she posted about the whole mess. Whoops. Turns out she's kind, reasonable, and vocally pro-trans-rights. All she did was say that women and girls deserve to have space in the world.

Darn that sneaky TERF ideology, infecting the innocent minds of people who only wanted to find proof of a woman's wickedness!

I distinctly remember TRA's saying "Oh its so triggering! Dont read what she wrote just believe me - It was transphobic!" - And my astonishment at people who literally just went along with it, not even bothering to read it for themselves.

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Heyyy, me too, looking into why everyone is mad at JK Rowling and who Maya Forstater is and what horrific crimes they have committed...

"wait what, they fired her for pointing out biological sex? and she's supposed to be the bad guy here?"

Haha, me too. I read somewhere on Tumblr that Rowling was cancelled and thought, oh man, that sucks, I really like her. Wait, lemme see what it's all about. ... Huh. Nothing but the truth here.

lmao same.

Followed by searching "JK Rowling" on reddit, searching by "new", and looking for anything that agreed with her. That's how I found gender critical.

Same! GC and stupidpol were the biggest subs backing her and I was so very glad to find them.

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me: i should educate myself on what the evil terfs are saying so that i’m able to counter argue

me 3 hours later: smearing menstrual blood across my face like war paint i have found my sistren

All the people railing about TERFs after JK Rowling spoke out led me on a crazy journey of being a 'transwomen are women' parrot to full on TERFDOM.

Ain't that just the way

“led me on a crazy journey of being a 'transwomen are women' parrot to full on TERFDOM.”


This happens a lot which is why they try so hard to keep their people from reading our posts. They even accuse JKR of ‘dog whistling’. It’s not her words it’s the meaning. lol Uh no.

The bottom line is gender woo woo only works without analysis. The moment you really think about it everything falls apart. It’s so obviously about men and their dicks that I’m astonished that anyone ever fell for it. I’ve lost respect for a lot of people I previously admired because of it.

Sounds exactly like the now infamous Sky News interview of Adrian Harrop vs Posie Parker after he had gotten her "Woman: adult human female" billboard removed. I think at one point she says "what is offensive about the dictionary definition of woman?" and he says something like, "But it's not about that, is it?" .... They can't stand people making statements of objective, universal fact. I also find it so funny that they totally discount JKR's personal experiences and views from the essay (if they even deign to read it), while their entire world view is that their own identity, experiences and feelings trump everything (and everyone) else.

It’s not her words it’s the meaning

Don’t you think a multimillionaire author would maybe, idk, write what she meant??

Who allowed this woman to write anyway? Only Satanist's and anti-feminists write fiction /s

"its not her words its the meaning" actually means "Its not what she said, its that she dared to say it"

"Its not what she said, its how i feel about what she said that makes her evil"

Posie Parker is now selling dog whistles.


absolute power move. I could actually use one with my dog.

This is what peaked me. I was hate reading GC and realized most of trans activism doesn't make sense and a lot of their ideology is dangerous to women, gnc people, and trans people themselves. Oddly enough I never joined or heavily sympathized any other "bad group" I have hate read.

Right? I hate read MGTOW, TRP, and RPW but never become misogynistic. Versus GC exposed me to radical feminism—which I’m thankful for, because I had been dissatisfied with liberal feminism for a long time.

I have a theory that this exact phenomena is what's led to the 'zero debate' policies and outright banning of anyone who even hints that they might have questions or reservations about the TRA movement.

Zero debate usually means whatever you're fighting for is so fragile it can't stand up to basic critique. I saw the same thing with the church and that exact fragility and inability to stand up to even moderate critical thought is what led me to leave it too.

I saw the same thing with the church and that exact fragility and inability to stand up to even moderate critical thought is what led me to leave it too.

That's such an interesting concept. At what age did you leave the Church? And what was the final straw? If you dont mind me asking, love a good story.

Hate read all of those, too! The only thing I picked up in a positive way was random style and cleaning tips from RPW. Outside of that I just learned how evil men can be when thinking about women, and how sad and fake your life would be if you indulge those type of men and play along with their monkey brain games to make them like you.

Finding GC was one of the biggest step in my self awareness and learning how to think for myself after identifying with liberal ideology for years.

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THIS is why they desperately want to deplatform us everywhere.

They know we make logical sense, and they do not.

My journey was 'I want to learn about this, I better check out what transgender people say about it'. Full-on TERF before even looking at the gc side.

Remember, kids.


It's funny the difference between us. TRAs do their best to make sure no one listens to anything we say while we are doing our best to let everyone know what TRAs are saying.

Gallus Mag used to do that all the time on Gender Trender. She’d just post their own words or a video with no comment at all. The TRAs hated that.

The topic wasn't even on my radar until they started slandering JKR and I thought, something is fishy hear, I really need to get better informed ...


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