Reddit hates woman with a passion. r/GenderCritical was removed for hate speech (there was never any hate speech) and yet r/MGTWO and r/TheRedPill are still up and they spew hate speech like a fountain at a water park.

Not to mention r/incels spouted the most disgusting and violent things possible about women, but the one time they fantasize about hurting a man is when they finally decide to remove them.

Could you elaborate on this? I’m not familiar with why they were finally banned.

Basically, some guy posted about how a guy he lived with (can't remember if it was his little brother or roommate) brought a girl home and the thought of them having sex was making him hate the guy and want to kill himself. He got a bunch of replies about how he should kill the guy instead, and someone told him to drug the guy and castrate him in his sleep. Shortly after this, for some mysterious reason, they finally got banned, after ages of being allowed to run rampant posting their rape/murder fantasies of women.

These subreddit names just get worse and worse, mens' sexualities horrify & confound me to no end.

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Well duh, women can’t have opinions and ideas to share, that’s dangerous hate speech. But we are encouraged to share as many degrading and objectifying images of ourselves as possible!

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That's so disgusting and hypocritical. Where is the AHS brigade? Why wasn't Aimee fighting to get this sub banned?

Are you serious? These people are the main users of the rape subs. You're wondering why actual criminals aren't telling on themselves???

Wow. I don't visit Reddit that often, mostly to view what might be linked here or to check their animal memes, but I had no idea that something like that even existed. That's so dehumanizing. Revolting.

I wonder of transwomen cry about not being centered in that space? Actually, they probably do.

TIMs are probably the only people who would be flattered by that sub. What a shame.

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there must be som sort of "ceiling" they feel they need to strive for breaking and achieve being included in this kind of "discussion".

I wonder of transwomen cry about not being centered in that space? Actually, they probably do.

No, when it comes to their transclusivity rules and what's super triggering and literal violence, they always make an exception for their own behaviour, especially where their boners are concerned.

yeah. there was a guy posting is r/supersexual today saying he was a transgender supersexual.

Wow. The perfect illustration of how reddit sees women. Of how society at large sees women. Disgusting.

I can't wait for people to ask questions about these sick pages in the context of Reddit trying to go public. Buy one share to attend the AGMs and ask them why gender critical feminism and lesbian-only spaces are evil and worthy of censorship while "strugglef*cking" is 'free speech' worth upholding.

TRAs may agree with this site. After all, there are a fair number who, in the words of the notorious Andrea Long Chu, think women are merely “expectant assholes and blank, blank eyes,” or that a man trying to rape you while you’re cosplaying brings “a rush of feeling 100% female.”

I mean, they’d feel slighted they weren’t included, since inclusion in a porn site like that would be the epitome of womanhood.

They may just love the name, is what I’m saying.

They DO love that sub. I'm actually getting somewhat distressed at the disconnection I'm seeing from the users here. You all are wondering why the same exact users who run the rape subs aren't trying to get the rape subs banned??

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Not even surprised. It can't get worse than hiring and actively defending a pedophile It can but-

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