I'm reading the Divine Comedy right now and I just had to stop after reading this bit 😂😂😂 Inferno: Canto XX lines 40-45. https://www.thoughtco.com/tiresias-ovids-metamorphoses-119781 I obviously know that they had no understanding of "transgender" contemporary to either Ovid or Dante, but hey look another source agrees with me! 😄 We can officially say the Trans are worse than Tyrants! (7th Circle) Here's his biography from the end notes of AS Kline's translation: "Tiresias The Theban seer. He spent seven years in the form of a woman after striking a pair of coupling snakes. On striking them again he was changed back. He was therefore called upon, by Jupiter, to judge an argument, between himself and Juno, as to whether men or women get the most pleasure from lovemaking. Deciding in favour of women, and so Jupiter, Juno struck him blind, Jupiter giving him the power of prophecy to compensate for his blindness. See Ovid’s Metamorphoses III 324-332. Inferno Canto XX:31-51 [p. 93] . He is in the eighth circle."

The screenshot is from Courtney Langdon's translation.

Damn, was Tiresias the original AGP then, with all the euphoria he must have been experiencing during his seven years?

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Nope, AGP is more in Agis, but Tiresias just didn't wanted to be become a women, he was forced to.

Ya so it's not "trans" at all but a quick internet search I saw plenty of articles latching onto him as "transgender in Ovid" anyway! They really do latch onto anything to "prove" it's been around since antiquity.

There really isn’t all that new under the sun when it comes to human sexual depravity. And there was quite a bit of that in Rome’s slavery based society.